Data Export IO: Reports

Data Export IO: Reports

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7. toukokuu 2021

Did not install. Crashed while asking for our email. Huge pain - a lot of data risk and privacy. Beware

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Estore Automate vastasi 7. toukokuu 2021

Sir, We ask for an email upfront so we can send automated reports, which is the main function of Data Export. We also send product updates to the signup email.

Data Export has been in the Shopify store for more than 5 years and served thousands of merchants. You can review the Data Export privacy policy, that complies with Shopify app store guidelines.

Please contact us by email if you have any other questions.

8. joulukuu 2018

added app, logged in, clicked a report, it downloaded no data. then, I tried to view another report and it wants me to upgrade. here is a big hint for your sales funnel: DELIVER VALUE FIRST, THEN ASK FOR MORE MONEY. I won't be continuing with this product.

top drawer records
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Estore Automate vastasi 7. toukokuu 2021

Sir, We have a 15-day free trial of Data Export. During the 15-day trial, we create any type of custom report for free.

The plan is charged only if you continue after 15 days.

Please contact us by email if you have any questions.