Data Export IO: Reports

Data Export IO: Reports

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1778 arvostelua
2. helmikuu 2023

Excellent app totally recomend it also has a great custome service so if you need help dont hesitate to contact them

2. helmikuu 2023

The tool is easy to use and the support acts very quickly when any problem occurs. It's also great, that it's possible to create a customized reports on demand :)

Jagodowy Stempel
2. helmikuu 2023

Great customer support that helps with custom columns very quickly. Great, that it is possible to include custom columns in every report!

EasyDens by Anton Paar
1. helmikuu 2023

Easy to use, and the team is very supportive and always available. We tried multiple apps and this is the one that stood out.

31. tammikuu 2023

It's exactly what I was looking for so far: It sends a daily export to my fulfillment center in the exact format they need to process orders.

German with Laura
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 7 päivää
30. tammikuu 2023

Greap app with an amazing service ! We had a few questions; they answer everything swiftly and help us create our perfect report for our business.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 6 päivää
26. tammikuu 2023

Tony helped me create a report relating to my collections and endless product tags which will save me lots of time in the future. thanks for the great service

MKTrends Co
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Noin 23 tuntia
23. tammikuu 2023

This is a great reporting app. It includes fields that native Shopify reporting does not provide. Very reliable support as well.

Joe's® Jeans
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Yli 3 vuotta
23. tammikuu 2023

A fantastic tool for custom data report exporting! I have so many different reports dropping into my master Google sheets file, and Data Export makes it so quick and easy. Their Customer Support is absolutely the best. They always have solved my issues and go above and beyond. I've worked with the amazing Tony to help me create custom columns and export reports to already built sheets! Thank you TONY!

We Love Doggos
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 11 kuukautta
23. tammikuu 2023

I spent half a hour to get understand about the app. And it's simple and easy to use. The prices of every plans are reasonable. Chan help me with the setting of dynamic rule for some colunm. It really helps. Thank you for providing a good app.

Hongkong – Kiinan erityishallintoalue
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Noin 2 tuntia