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We've been using the Data Export app for 2+ years and the experience has been seamless. The app stands out with its robust filtering options which have been invaluable in managing my store's data efficiently. The sorting feature is intuitive and has significantly streamlined the process of organizing my data in a way that's easy to understand and act upon. Moreover, the scheduling feature is a game changer—it has automated many manual tasks, saving us a substantial amount of time which I can now dedicate to other crucial aspects of my business. You won't find such functionality.

I also appreciate the user-friendly interface which made it easy to get accustomed to the functionalities swiftly. The support team has been proactive and helpful, making the overall experience smooth.

I would highly recommend Data Export to other Shopify store owners looking for an efficient solution to manage and organize their data. This app is a notable asset for anyone striving to optimize their operational workflow and focus more on growing their business. It's a solid 5-star fromus!

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I've always had an amazing experience with this app! Anytime I want a review, I just put ask for it in the chat box and I get a response within a couple of minutes with agents who are very patient and redo my requests until I have a report that meets my needs. Literally never have to wait too long and I can always count on them! Thanks so much!

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We've been using Data Export for over a year for basic scheduled reports, and it's perfectly functional for that. However, where it really excels is customization.

I just started using it for some more complicated reports and integrations and I'm impressed by the app's ability to report on custom metafields. There was a slight issue with some out of date documentation, but the support chat was extremely helpful: Sree set up the metafield column I needed very quickly, offered to set up any others I needed, and answered all of my questions about the script being used so I should be able to set everything up on my own in the future.

I'm also quite appreciative of the export options, both scheduled and manual. I'm setting up an integration that requires FTP transfers and thought I'd have to do manual report edits and need a 3rd party program, but Data Export has both advanced column formatting tools and FTP support built in, alongside google drive.

While I typically need fairly advanced features, the app is also very easy and intuitive to use. You can set it up entirely with plain-english "select from list" if you want to, or you can get deep in the details with custom scripts. Overall, highly recommend, regardless of your technical requirements it's just very functional and I keep finding more things it can do.

Pure Integrative Pharmacy
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Great app! Coming from a SQL background, I would say this app is pretty robust for the price. You can aggregate data pretty easily once you figure out how it works. Customer service is great if you need them to do something for you over chat. Highly recommend! Would be nice to have some charting and other formatting, but you can always do that in excel after exporting. In terms of getting the right data from Shopify, its spot on.

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Tec support has been amazing! They helped me get my custom report set up and tweaked after I found some things that were not working quite right. They even created extra custom reports as a work around for my issue. They were very responsive via chat and got a screenshare set up for next day when my issue could not be resolved via chat. Highly recommend! They really care about creating a product that works for their customers. Thanks for your help Domonic!

The Wild Salmon Co.
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This App needs a 5 star review based on its customer support alone. Its honestly incredible. Any stupid question by myself is replied to promptly and then they will patiently stay on the chat with me until I'm able to build the report or gather I data I need. Excellent.

BabyDoc Shop Ireland
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Data Export is the best app on the Shopify app store to view detailed reports. I'm always using it to view UTM data to help optimize my campaigns. Detailed transaction reports to easily investigate and submit evidence for chargebacks. And even using a simple report to show me which orders were refunded during a certain period. You'd think these would be available on Shopify, but they're not. If you're not using this app, you're wasting valuable time sifting through Shopify's reports which are not the greatest.

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This is is EXACTLY what every store needs! It provides so much data and we are able to modify the automated reports (via email or FTP) and have them scheduled to send whenever we want. I dont think I will use any other reporting app out there!

This solves all my reporting problems & the support team is VERY attentive/responsive to my requests!

Taos Footwear
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Literally the best app, we are using it for our reports and our reports literally couldn't look any better, the support is the best they really know what they are doing and can even apply any change u may want on spot!

Overall great app!

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Simple, versatile and very straight forward. Easy to use!
Allowed me extra time to test, very helpful pointing me to where I could find my reports. Customer service is very efficient and knowledgeable. Overall we are happy with the scheduled report service.

Celebration Company
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