Data Exporter ‑ Tax Compliance

Data Exporter ‑ Tax Compliance


Export data to help comply with local tax regulations

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Comply with tax regulations

Exported data is compiled to comply with tax regulations specific to your location.

Export straight to your inbox

Request an export and receive it via email in CSV format.

Get unaltered data

Receive complete, unaltered data directly from Shopify’s database—including previously deleted orders.

关于 Data Exporter ‑ Tax Compliance

Businesses with tax obligations in certain countries are legally required to provide transaction records to prevent potential tax evasion. With the Data Exporter - Tax Compliance app, you can export complete, unaltered Shopify store data to share with tax authorities—or retain for your personal records.

Exported data is compiled to comply with regulations specific to your location:

Australia France (Article 88) Germany (GoBD)

Key features

  1. Export store data for specific calendar years.
  2. Receive a CSV file sent to your email address for easy access and sharing.
  3. Includes all transactions made through the Shopify Point of Sale app.





1.0 评分


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VER Selb Fan-Shop

I think this is a good start for the use in Germany, but we urgently need the possibility for a monthly export. Surely this should not be so complicated? Please add this option! After that it will get 5 stars too.


In Deutschland so immer noch nicht nutzbar. Kein monatlicher Export möglich, nur immer das ganze Geschäftsjahr. Mein Steuerberater hat die Hände vor den Kopf zusammengeschlagen, ich nutze jetzt die Lösung von

Sunny Studio Stamps

I was extremely excited by the thought of this app since filing local sales tax each quarter can be extremely time consuming for me having to hunt for each individual location code by county or city. For years I have had to do much of this manually and it can easily take me 3 to 4 hours to pay a few hundred dollars worth of taxes. My state gives me the option to import a file, but Shopify's exports are not formatted correctly. If they were set up properly and customized for each individual state's requirements, I would be able to file my taxes in minutes and not hours. However as it is, this app does not give the option to break down sales by states at all and does not include the local 4-digit county and city codes that are needed to allow for easy uploading as suggested (which Shopify is obviously using on the backend to collect the correct tax for each specific customer's location in the first place). At the very least I thought I might be able to export sales by region like the UK who now requires VAT collection, but they too are not part of the list. Right now Australia, Germany and France are the only specific locations on the list which are of zero use to me. I actually can get everything this app provides and more on my standard Shopify plan by exporting a simple sales report which is such a disappointment. Crossing my fingers improvements are made to fill this desperate need. Sadly right now this app is a huge miss.