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23 februari 2023

A nice app for what it does, feed are flexible but limited then the price hike made us look elsewhere. They didn't even consider price matching to retain us so we searched and found a better app for $35 pm compared to $69. No idea why they increase cost but the price hikde doesn't support small business owners.

Butler's Wine Cellar
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 jaar
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 15 maart 2023

Thank you for your feedback!
We wanted to assure you that the price of our services has not increased over the last 2 years.
To reduce the cost, you canpick an annual subscription and save 15%.
If you have any questions, please let us know.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

15 juli 2022

Really easy to use and help us optimize our feed. Nice product and set up was really easy for us. Exactly what's needed

Decovana Co
App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan 3 jaar
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 18 juli 2022

Hi! Thank you very much for your rating! We’re glad that our product helps you optimize your shopping feeds :)

~Ewa/ DataFeedWatch

Bewerkt 21 juni 2022

While this app seems to have some potential the lack in support and documentation makes it really hard to integrate it properly.

Strength Shop
App gebruikt gedurende 4 maanden
9 april 2022

Flexible feed setup, seamless integration with google and bing. A tad on the pricey side but once configured I never really have to worry about our product feeds.

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DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 18 april 2022

Hi! Many thanks for your good rating. We are happy to hear that our data feed management solution helped you with your product feeds, and you can rest assured that everything is all good.

~Ewa/ DataFeedWatch

Bewerkt 14 september 2021

Basically no support. Multiple of our emails to support have been ignored.
We can't recover access to our account, and recovery emails aren't arriving at our email address. Update: After leaving a one-start review - everything was sorted. Thank you team, but this was really unnecessary. All the best.

The Brew Company
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een jaar
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 23 september 2021

we're glad that we were able to help you. Thank you for your review!

Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

15 januari 2021

Just started working with it, but it's not hard to use once you get the hang of it. Support is pretty helpful with instructions. If the US you have to catch them in the right time (most are in Europe). Overall, I really like it.

Christopher Cloos
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 jaar
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 27 januari 2021

We'll be glad to help you with all the problems you are experiencing using DataFeedWatch. We do everyhing we can to be available during US business hours. You can contact us in many ways, including e-mail. We will answer every message. Is there something else that we could do to turn this 4-star rating into a 5-star rating?

Bewerkt 11 februari 2019

Good job. Took a bit to assist but they are quite knowledgeable on feeds and worked through some feed issues with us.

Emile Henry USA
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App gebruikt gedurende 8 maanden
27 december 2018

critical for feed management - saves you from any sort of manual FTP hassle and the price is right. Thanks!

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App gebruikt gedurende Bijna 2 jaar