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14 november 2021

Good app but customer service so bad. They respond in two weeks. My ticket: 588919 and 586637. And now it's still unresolved!

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DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 17 november 2021

Hi there,
Thank you for sharing this feedback on your experience. Our Support team takes issues like these very seriously, and they are always ready to help. We encourage our clients to use the chat feature since this is the fastest way to communicate and resolve issues. Is there anything else I can help you with?

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

9 januari 2019

My understanding from other is that this is a good app for doing Google Shopping Feeds. However, if you want to do other feeds, beware. The Wish feed is simply broken; it exports in the wrong format. I pointed this out to them, and, amazingly, rather than implement the simple fix they told me to create a custom feed for Wish from Scratch. Then came eBay. Data Feed Watch doesn't handle variations correctly; they come up in random order. This can be done correctly, as other listing are. I have been trying to get DataFeedWatch support to work on this for weeks now, but the only tech support is by chat , and you often get different people each time. And they don't have a case system, so I have to explain to new people the problem each time, and then exactly nothing happens. If you know exactly what you want and know this product will do it, OK, but if you want to set up multiple feeds for different stores, and if you want decent support, go elsewhere. I have had a 1 star experience with the product, and a 0 star experience with tech support.

Leap Gear by Pelle
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17 mei 2021

I have tryied to contact them for a week to restore my password and haven't got any response. Affecting my business :(

The Watch Stand
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DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 18 mei 2021

I’m really sorry to hear that you didn't got any response.
I already contacted our support and I was told that they replied you twice in the past week. Please check your spam folder, there may be messages from us there
We’re sure that we can get it sorted. Please let us know if you received the messages or contact us via chat. We'll be glad to help you.


15 maart 2022

Was really excited for this app, and ok with paying $60 a month for a good product feed. Unfortunately after months I still wasn't seeing results. I had a problem with my feed link that nobody on their side caught. Their data feed also duplicated my products, and nobody from the tech could figure it out, and claimed it wasn't causing problems. Waste of time, waste of money. I removed the app today and will figure something else out.

Deck & Rail Supply
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DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 22 maart 2022

We’re really sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve experienced that caused you to unsubscribe from DataFeedWatch.

Our team has checked your feed for any issues, and everything seems to be working as it should from our end. However, we suspect that the issue you had is connected to the microdata coming from your Shopify wstore hich may be interfering with the data from our feed file.

Would you like to give DataFeedWatch another try? If so, we’d be happy to conduct a free feed review to make sure everything is working properly and all your concerns are addressed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

30 november 2019

Hardly used it, uninstalled and I am still getting charged monthly for it. Scam! I want my refund!!!

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DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 5 december 2019

Thank you for your review. We're glad that you let us know something went wrong. We already cancelled your account and refunded you. If you have any questions, please let us know:

Bewerkt 11 oktober 2018

Very miserable experience. I can only speak about the Amazon marketplace channel. Perhaps the platform is more stable for other channels, but if you are looking to prepare feeds for Amazon using DataFeedWatch - I strongly suggest you consider other options.

The Amazon Order Management module is so buggy it became laughable after a while. I think they only recently added it - but clearly they haven't bothered with alpha, let alone beta testing.

I stuck with them for several weeks, always believing things were about to start getting better. In fact, things got worse. After I spent 12+ hours building templates for Amazon feeds, the portal reported an error to which they responded "We have encountered a problem downloading products" and asked me to re-install. They assured me that re-installing would not impact my templates. I re-installed the app, and guess what? No more templates.

Their customer service team does respond in a relatively timely fashion. But the substance of their guidance is so bad that oftentimes no guidance at all would have been better.

Buyer beware!

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28 dagen gebruiken de app
8 maart 2016

Charged me $128 when I never used the application. Tried reached customer service about this charge multiple times and no response. Would not recommend.

Make A Case
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29 maart 2022

I had two issues within the first 10 minutes of using it - usually not a good sign. When I contacted the support I was asked (by the support person!) to pay for the solution during trial. Very weird. The customer support was also not very understandable and did not really try to be helpful. Unfortunately 1/5.

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DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 7 april 2022

Hi there,
We’re sorry to hear that your first encounter with DataFeedWatch was disappointing.

It looks like you had started the process to begin your free trial, but still needed to confirm that you’ve accepted the charges in your Shopify account. This is necessary to start every trial, but please be rest assured that we never collect any payments before the trial has ended.

We’ve been in touch and are more than happy to solve the issue you’re facing. There are a couple of solutions we can go forth with. If you’d like to give DataFeedWatch another go, please feel free to reach out to us via chat or email and we’ll get it sorted.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

Bewerkt 9 juni 2023

Updating my review from 5 stars as the customer support is as good as non existent.

I sent support a request to enable variations in my listings as advised in their blog but several days have passed and zero response.

79 Euros is not a small amount and I'd expect a response within max 2 days. There are apps out there that charge far less but the support on them exists.

A shout out to Marvin for being helpful and all but the support team not responding and being non existent makes this company not pleasant to work with.

There is no way I would pay 79 Euros for non existent support, no way at all.

The feed itself is quite nice and powerful but what good is all that if support is non existent. Imagine having an issue and you get no support.

I would NOT recommend this app or company at all.

Update: Updating in response to DataFeedWatch response.
Way to vilify your customers by claiming that I didn't accept your apology. I only declined compensation as I felt I am not entitled to it as I didn't pay anything in first place and decided that I want to move back to a different service with another supplier. I never refused your apology and even explained that this review is left as is for May 2023 so that hopefully if you improve then your future customers will see new comments as a reflection of your improvements made. So please don't make it look like your customers are evil.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
8 dagen gebruiken de app
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 9 juni 2023

Thank you for sharing this feedback on your experience.
We're sorry to hear about the trouble you've had, especially since we place high a value on our customer support and many reviews from other customers confirm this.

Due to an unexpected error, your message was noticed a few days after you sent it to us, for which we are deeply sorry. At the same time, we want to assure you that we are working on improving the process so that a similar mistake will never happen again.

We tried to contact you several times, but unfortunately you refused to accept our apology and compensation. We hope you will give us another chance some day.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

21 september 2021

simply doesnt work, wasted so much time trying to get feed to work on google shopping only to find out that it was a problem with their coding. support is non existent no one ever answers you questions or fixes issues

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DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 28 september 2021

Thank you for sharing this feedback on your experience.
We're sorry to hear about the trouble you've had, especially since we place high a value on our customer support.
We've reached out to you via email, and our team is actively working on the solution.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to to reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch