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28. september 2022

Awful. The integration with shopify does not function properly and the app cannot cope with anything that is non standard eg if auto fulfilment has commenced and the order is manually fulfilled, DEAR voids the sales order. Products are not uniformly updated from purchases when they are authorised and put away. Whilst we could cope with teething issues, what we cannot cope with is the complete lack of support. They will not take ownership of issues.

Oriana B.
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka et år
29. august 2022

I would never in 1000 years recommend someone uses this system. It's incredibly overcomplicated and slow & not the right fit for an e-commerce company. Unless you have a team big enough to have someone dedicated full time to dear problem solving I would stay away at all costs. We paid thousands on dear consultants over the past year trying to get dear running well for us and after 18 months we're scrapping the project and moving onto a new system.

Game Kings
New Zealand
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mere end et år
2. maj 2022

I used to be major fan of this software. Our company has been using it since 2016. Since the company has been acquired by Cin7 support has really declined. We've had a critical support case open for 3 weeks and it is still not resolved. I have been unable to talk to a human. I keep getting fobbed off with "the technical team is working on it" "our technical director will call you" "the fix will be rolled out over the weekend". All I want to do is talk to a human. I've asked every time to speak to someone about the issue. Nobody is talking. We pay 8K per year for the software. I used to recommend DEAR to many colleagues in the e-commerce space as a leading solution. However, this incident has left me really disillusioned with the company. If it was a minor issue I could understand a ticket taking 3 weeks to resolve but this has been a catastrophic meltdown of our Amazon integration in 4 countries. We have 69,000 notifications of sales data that can't be reconciled. I would not recommend DEAR inventory.
Heather Cole
Country Trading Co. Founder

Country Trading Co.
New Zealand
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mere end 5 år
16. marts 2022

We worked with them for the last 5 years and they had a good customer service. Now after a week from the first support request, they are still unable to update stock level on Shopify, and apparently the best they can do is writing you back once a day at the end of the day, and not sorting the problem yet. BAD customer service. We are losing sales because of this. Stock level is not updated and we have constant overselling that we cannot fulfil. Can you please URGENTLY fix this problem?

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 5 år
7. december 2021

We're paying thousands of dollars a month for broken functionality promised by the platform. Every month a critical fix for their native Hubspot integration is promised but never delivered. We strongly suggest merchants look elsewhere. Counting stock by hand would be more effective than using DEAR Inventory.

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 7 måneder
Redigeret 5. november 2021

DO NOT USE IF YOUR BUSINESS INVOLVES SALES TAX. There are two major issues with DEAR Systems: The first is that their system is simply not reliable when it comes to sales tax (and frequent changes made to their system often breaks any sales tax matching that was already set up). On MORE than one occasion, these sales tax changes has resulted in thousands of transactions that required manual review/updates. The second, more unforgivable problem, is that once you sign up, it's painfully obvious that the well-being of your business doesn't actually matter, which appears to be a tone set from the top; we've certainly been disappointed on numerous occasions by co-founder and director Alexei Piltiaev's shocking lack of professionalism and respect and it would appear everyone else is following his lead. If you do make the mistake we did and sign up for this service, here's a pro-tip: When things go wrong and their team ignores you, the best way to actually get them to respond is post a negative review here. While your business doesn't matter, their star rating here sure does.

Pine Street Clinic
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mere end 6 år
Redigeret 25. marts 2021

Goodluck with any problems with intergration. Their "tech support" is absolutely worthless. The service reps always need to forward your inquiry to their "techs". Their techs email three days later with "the integration issue is not on our end"
Everytime. This has been going on for a whole month now. You can't call them, you can only "chat" with bottom level service reps, and emails take about 9 hours to respond. Most of the time a new rep will reply, so you have to start a square one, only to have you inquiry forwarded to a tech that offers no help

Evolve Skateboards USA
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mere end 3 år
Cin7 Americas Inc. svarede 26. marts 2021

Hello Adam,

Thank you for your review. We process orders from 1000+ Shopify shops on a daily basis without any problem. The issue you are facing is caused by ShipStation as there are errors triggered by them. We do our very best to support our valuable customers by having a dedicated Technical Suppor Team to analyse and provide timely feedback on any technical issues. Our technical team has been working alongside you with the issue you have been facing. Please note that ShipStation is a third party application that is beyond our control. 

To help our customers, we have been aliasing on behalf of our customers with ShipStation to get the issues fixed. I would request you to reach out to them regarding the ShipStation issue you are facing.

Please feel free to contact us via email ( or on WhatsApp (+44-1244-940807) if you have any questions or concerns.

DEAR Team.

Redigeret 14. februar 2023

The integration is clunky and filled with bugs. I started on this platform with DEAR & Shopify several years ago and they haven't fixed issues that have been around since I signed up. Some thing's work OKAY but for the most part I would avoid if I were you.

Simple integration issues still plague Shopify / DEAR including the inability to sync HS Codes. If you're looking for an powerful inventory tracking software that works with Shopify, look elsewhere. DEAR is still a frustrating experience to use day in and day out.

Moss LED
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 6 år
20. oktober 2020

It doesn't push changes to a Shopify order across to DEAR, they suggested manually deleting the order in DEAR and then resyncing and that was pushing wrong information across. Wouldn't have gone out of my way to give it one star normally, but I actually thought this could cause issues called and asked prior to implementing and they told me that it would be able to handle that when it doesn't. It was 1 or 2 things that i called and asked about and both concerns they said DEAR is built to handle these situations and only after implementing they then backpedalled and said it can't handle it. Super annoyed with all the time wasted wouldn't be surprised if i found out that their tactic to promise the world and after implementation users probably invested to much time to change.

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 5 dage
Redigeret 20. juni 2019

We spent about a week trying to launch DEAR on our store and the experience was terrible. Slow support that takes 24 hours to respond, and when they do respond they don't always answer our questions. The guy who is supposed to help us with our integration hasn't responded to an email in 2 days. Top it off with a buggy Web 0.5 interface. You would think they would put their best foot forward when a new customer signs on, but fortunately they showed their true colors upfront. Stay away from DEAR Inventory unless you like self-inflicted pain.

Elmwood Electronics
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 7 dage
Cin7 Americas Inc. svarede 21. juni 2019

Hi Craig,

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties getting up and running. I checked all tickets were responded to date please see ticket number #126642 from Marvin asking you to send the error returned from Shopify " The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.: {"errors":"Internal Server Error"} " to their support team. We are still waiting on response from you on how that went? Other issues are setup related and we will have someone from customer success team reach out to you asap to assist.