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28. September 2022

Awful. The integration with shopify does not function properly and the app cannot cope with anything that is non standard eg if auto fulfilment has commenced and the order is manually fulfilled, DEAR voids the sales order. Products are not uniformly updated from purchases when they are authorised and put away. Whilst we could cope with teething issues, what we cannot cope with is the complete lack of support. They will not take ownership of issues.

Oriana B.
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29. August 2022

I would never in 1000 years recommend someone uses this system. It's incredibly overcomplicated and slow & not the right fit for an e-commerce company. Unless you have a team big enough to have someone dedicated full time to dear problem solving I would stay away at all costs. We paid thousands on dear consultants over the past year trying to get dear running well for us and after 18 months we're scrapping the project and moving onto a new system.

Game Kings
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31. Juli 2022

Very useful in integrating sales from Shopify to other accounting software. Also makes inventory monitoring easier. We encountered some issues though but the support is very accommodating and helpful with their knowledge of the app.

Simply for Strings
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7. Juli 2022

Better than Tradegecko that we were using before. I like the ease of use. However, I think the extra $50 per additional user is too steep, and DEAR also charges ala carte per integration with 3rd party application too. This is both good and bad. You just need to evaluate your cost structure before you sign up. Overall, I would recommend it.

Vereinigte Staaten
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23. Juni 2022

So far, DEAR's email ticket response time has been under 24 hours and the replies have resolved issues to my satisfaction, even when it takes a couple of emails...

22. Juni 2022

Dear is a great cloud-based ERP option. Affordable, solid customer support, straightforward but robust!

Newark Auto
Vereinigte Staaten
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9. Juni 2022

Great and robust system for handing our needs. Great intergrations. Support is good. Could be a bit better at timelines for meetings in general however when i really needed some help they made it happen so cant fault them really.

Vereinigtes Königreich
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Bearbeitet am 14. Juni 2022

New to DEAR so early days yet. The onboarding service was great, really happy with the service provided. A couple of glitches but generally a positive experience. Been up & running for week now & couple of things could be better/simpler particularly around importing data for sales orders. But for an off the shelve program its ok. But based on service to date I'm going 4 stars!

RPM Clothing
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22. Mai 2022

We have looked at a lot of inventory management systems and migrated from Tradegecko to DEAR. Extremely impressed with the product and system. It has a lot of manufacturing features that we do not use however for tracking purchase orders, bundles, composite products it is excellent. It is easy to duplicate products to quickly add or CSV can be imported. There is never going to be the perfect IMS for everyones business processes but this covers most of ours. We have suggested some improvments regarding batch actions via the web interface. Overall can recommend, no problems syncing with Shopify.

Vereinigtes Königreich
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2. Mai 2022

I used to be major fan of this software. Our company has been using it since 2016. Since the company has been acquired by Cin7 support has really declined. We've had a critical support case open for 3 weeks and it is still not resolved. I have been unable to talk to a human. I keep getting fobbed off with "the technical team is working on it" "our technical director will call you" "the fix will be rolled out over the weekend". All I want to do is talk to a human. I've asked every time to speak to someone about the issue. Nobody is talking. We pay 8K per year for the software. I used to recommend DEAR to many colleagues in the e-commerce space as a leading solution. However, this incident has left me really disillusioned with the company. If it was a minor issue I could understand a ticket taking 3 weeks to resolve but this has been a catastrophic meltdown of our Amazon integration in 4 countries. We have 69,000 notifications of sales data that can't be reconciled. I would not recommend DEAR inventory.
Heather Cole
Country Trading Co. Founder

Country Trading Co.
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