Deck Commerce Order Management

Deck Commerce Order Management

開發者:Deck Commerce Order Management

Simplify & automate processing throughout the order lifecycle.


Get (and keep) more customers

Happy customers become repeat customers. An OMS helps curate the best customer experience to turn every customer into your best customer.

Automate Order Processing

Leverage smart fulfillment logic & prebuilt configurable workflows to process orders quickly & efficiently, based on business preferences.

Grow & Scale Your Business

With a modern OMS, you get access to advanced fulfillment capabilities needed to scale operationally—without adding headcount.

有關 Deck Commerce Order Management

Deck Commerce Order Management System (OMS) empowers retailers to curate memorable shopping experiences through the full lifecycle of an order—from storefront to front door. The prebuilt extension with Shopify enables you to more effectively manage and process orders by leveraging the power of automated workflows based on business rules, smart fulfillment routing, and a real-time view to all order history across all of your channels. Plus with 40+ prebuilt integrations for ecommerce, Deck Commerce OMS ensures that your technology stack is built to handle the growth and agility your brand needs to win in retail. (Read: less manual processing and more sales!)

Order Orchestration

Process and coordinate orders placed from multiple selling channels and shipped across a distributed fulfillment network.

  • Real-time order import, aggregation, and processing automation 

  • Smart fulfillment routing for multiple warehouses, 3PLs, drop shippers, store locations, etc. 

  • Configurable grace period for order and item cancellation 

  • Split shipments and ship-complete workflows 

  • Custom product and manual review workflows 

  • Digital product selling (warranties, gift cards, etc.) 

  • Kits & bundles and complex promotions support

Enterprise Inventory

Gain enterprise-level visibility of inventory data to optimize sellability, fulfillment operations, and inventory turns across channels.

  • On/off switches control inventory checks that coincide with shopper actions (view PDP, add to cart, checkout, etc.) 

  • Available-to-sell count updated in real-time 

  • Inventory aggregation and allocation 

  • Safety-stock thresholds

Transaction Processing

Optimize and streamline the processes related to payments, tax, fraud, loyalty, and updates to your customers.

  • Deck Commerce integrates with the leading gateways including ShopPay, CyberSource, Adyen, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and more. Additional gateway support is provided as needed.

  • Gift card purchasing and redemption 

  • Advanced and delayed payment capture 

  • Transactional emails 

  • Flag & order review for fraud, personalization, etc. 

  • Confirmation services for loyalty, affiliate programs, etc. 

  • Compliance check (for regulated items, such as wine or firearms) 

  • Post-shipment visibility


  • Channel Advisor,
  • Avalara,
  • Signifyd,
  • Clutch,
  • Yotpo,
  • narvar

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NOTE: A Deck Commerce annual subscription is required. For pricing please contact us at

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