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Loyalty, Personalized Discount Pricing

Loyalty, Personalized Discount Pricing

Developed by DelightMe.io

6 reviews
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  • Increase sales and boost conversion by transforming your Shopify discounts into personalized secret prices
  • Provide personalized customer-specific product discounts based on customer profile, loyalty and their purchase history
  • Make more money. Generate new leads with personalized secret prices in real-time directly on existing product page


Surprise and delight your loyal customers with personalized real-time discounts based on who the specific shopper is and what product they are looking at directly on your existing product page.

Significantly Improve Shopify Discounts and Discount Code Management Functionality

Increases sales, boosts conversion rates and solves most pain-points that Shopify merchants and their customers face every day.


  • Time-consuming creation and management of individual unique discount codes

  • Visibility of discounts at the last step of the buying process often too late to engage and motivate shopper

  • Need to promote and maintain individual discount codes

  • Offering site-wide or product category discounts that risk cheapening your brand or product value
  • Customer

  • Limitation to apply product specific or multiple discount codes at checkout

  • Math exercises to figure out the final savings

  • Keep track of codes and manually input the correct discount code at checkout
  • How DelightMe.io Works

    DelightMe.io dynamic discount engine helps personalize your shopper experience, boosts conversion rates and increases sales with shoppers through secret prices.

  • Personalize Product Discounts

    Secret prices are personalized product discounts which are tied to the customer's profile and their purchase history. Only eligible shoppers see their secret price while shopping on the product page.

  • Add New Benefits to Your Loyalty Program

    Integrates easily with Smile.io or any other loyalty program to leverage your customer data and deliver new, compelling rewards to your valued customers in real-time right while they shop.

  • Generate Qualified Leads

    Motivate shoppers to engage, log-in and unlock a their secret price. DelightMe.io operates in sync with your existing customer data and also provides new welcome and exit modals to capture new customer leads and email addresses.

  • Features

  • Fully Customizable

    Fully customizable look and feel
    Unlimited possibilities for you to control 100% the look and feel of the tools to fit your site perfectly.

  • No coding or development required

    Activate easily and in less than 7 minutes with zero coding or development required.

  • Algorithm control

    Activate custom discounts and secret prices with full control over the algorithm.

  • Completely FREE for small shops

    Priced to fit any sized merchant so you can increase sales and boost conversion rates for your business with DeligthMe.io

  • Advanced Features

  • Re-engage Abandoned Cart Shoppers

    Use special DelightMe retargeting email to reach and convert shoppers whjo added secret prices and then abandon their shopping carts.

  • Plug into your marketing tech stack

    DelightMe.io integrates with your existing loyalty programs and the marketing tools that you already use on a daily basis. Sync data with your tech stack to leverage shopper data and provide the ultimate shopping experience.

  • Actionable data at your fingertips

    With the help of Delightme.io discount engine and Reporting Suite, you can gain profound insights into shopper behavior. Track and improve your conversion rate for each stage of the purchase funnel.

  • Recent Success Story

    New York-based rental company boosted Repeat Purchase Rate by 13% with the help of DelightMe.io discount engine. Learn more.

    Start Today For Free

    Start with our free 14 days trial – it's a great way see the power of DelightMe.io for your business.

    App Requirements

  • Shopify themes

    DelightMe.io discount engine is currently supported only by Shopify themes, which have their Shopping Cart as a separate page (not a pop-up window or similar web forms).

  • Web browsers

    DelightMe.io operates on latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. It is not supported Internet Explorer.

  • Free Expert Installation and Support

    Our application comes with expert premium customer support where our dedicated Success Team is available to work with you hand-in-hand through your on-boarding and sales journey to ensure your success. Enjoy the free installation and expert sales support services when you get in touch with our team for help at support@delightme.io or call (415) 621-9205.

    Loyalty, Personalized Discount Pricing reviews

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    We feel so lucky to have found this new tool. Before discovering the app we were really struggling to get the right discount to the right customer with the limited tools on Shopify. Our business has several customer types that qualify for different discounts which presents a big challenge to keep track of. Codes were challenging to manage. We also can’t let all our site visitors see that we have some customers that qualify for a better price or discount. When we figured out we could set our own rules for displaying discounts to specific unique shoppers and just for certain products, we decided to give this tech a shot and it really works. It was easy for us to start and is also intuitive to manage. One improvement to suggest: We wish the tech had more API links to some of the email programs we want to offer but hopefully that’s coming.


    Great solution to offer these sorts of personalized inceentives and rewards to customers. Feels like it turned discounts into a way to engage and motivate vs. just price cuts

    I think it could be improved a little in one way. I am hoping they will make it work with product variants so i can target add-ons instead of just basic products.


    The Best After Sales Service, I've Ever Seen!!!


    Did a great job for quick response to questions about lead gen I had. I am very excited to see how it works


    So far so good, was easy to set secret prices. The free version provides a great starting point for new stores.


    Non responsive..no response at all.. horrible support. i get online.. you join the chat and i keep waiting for 20 minutes.. then you close the chat.. could you at least advice me. when i install how do i see what the offer looks like on my website.. i have set the secret price and all.. where do i go to check if it is working..

    From $0.00 / month

    Pricing is based on your Shopify plan. All plans are unlimited in Secret Price Impressions and have all features.
    Trial – Free
    Shopify Basic – $19
    Shopify Professional – $29
    Shopify Advanced – $49

    If you use Shopify Plus, contact us to get a custom enterprise-level plan tailored to your needs.

    For more information on our pricing plans, please visit our Pricing page.

    14 days

    Support & Sales

    (415) 621-9205
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