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DelightMe.io – Dynamic Pricing

DelightMe.io – Dynamic Pricing

Developed by DelightMe.io

4 reviews
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  • Activate secret prices on selected products to provide personalized offers to your shoppers
  • Set up dynamic pricing rules to reward your shoppers based on their profile and basket parameters
  • Generate leads: to unlock an item's secret price, a shopper must enter their email address


The DelightMe.io Dynamic Pricing Engine empowers you to personalize prices and create thoroughly enjoyable experiences for your shoppers.

DelightMe.io helps to engage with shoppers through Secret Prices and allows them to watch prices of items in their carts change dynamically in real time. You produce dynamic prices to fit your business' needs with full control over the algorithm.

How Our Dynamic Pricing Works

  • Shopper Attribute

    Shopper Attribute helps you personalize benefit levels based on your relationship history with customers. It also enhances your existing loyalty programs with new, compelling rewards.

  • Secret Prices

    Secret Prices helps you offer exclusive deals to your customers without creating discounts. To get a secret price, a customer unlocks it by using the DelightMe.io Launcher.

  • DelightMe.io Cart

    The DelightMe.io Cart allows shoppers to watch item price fluctuations in real time. This feature is based on SKUs, unique selections, and other preset parameters.

  • Robust features to drive higher profits

  • Lead generation through Secret Price

    To unlock an item's secret price, a shopper must enter his email address. This simple engagement creates value: the shopper receives a tailored offer, and the merchant captures user interest.

  • Gamification inside DelightMe.io Cart grows conversion

    The DelightMe.io Cart empowers shoppers with transparent real-time pricing inside of their carts, thereby providing a unique gamification experience. Watch the prices drop as you shop!

  • Plug into your marketing tech stack

    DelightMe.io integrates with your existing loyalty programs and the marketing tools that you already use on a daily basis. Generate reports for your tech stack, or use built-in retargeting features with cute emails to convert your visitors.

  • Actionable data at your fingertips

    With the help of Reporting Suite, you can gain profound insights into shopper behavior. Track and improve your conversion rate and bounce it on each stage of the Secret Price funnel.

  • Get Started

    Start with our free plan – it's a great way see the power of DelightMe.io for your business. Once you reached 250 Secret Price unlocks, just pick up one of our paid plans to keep up. No extra charges or hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

    Contact Us

    Contact us with any questions at support@delightme.io or (415) 621-9205.

    DelightMe.io – Dynamic Pricing reviews

    4 reviews
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    5. 1 star (1 review)

    So far so good, was easy to set secret prices. The free version provides a great starting point for new stores.


    Non responsive..no response at all.. horrible support. i get online.. you join the chat and i keep waiting for 20 minutes.. then you close the chat.. could you at least advice me. when i install how do i see what the offer looks like on my website.. i have set the secret price and all.. where do i go to check if it is working..


    Very easy to set up - took me 15 mins to activate secret prices and set up dynamic rules. I use the free version and see already a huge engagement my customers with secret prices. Great experience so far!


    Recently installed this app and am very impressed with features on the free plan. Looks very professional. The BEST dynamic pricing app in shopify store

    From $0.00 / month

    FREE Plan is FREE forever.
    All our paid plans are calculated based on usage.

    For more information on our pricing plans, please visit our Pricing page.

    Support & Sales

    (415) 621-9205
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