Automatic discount messaging and notifications

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Conversion and AOV

Target customers while they shop, with delightful real-time notifications which increase AOV and conversion rates.

Shop by promotion

Direct your customers to specific collections, products or to add variants directly to the cart!

Works out of the box

No code required. No code left behind. Blazingly fast.


Boost sales with automatic discount messaging

Running an online store is hard! Enticing customers to shop at your store over others is just one of the many problems that come with the territory, and offering customers ways to save is a solution.

So you create a discount in your store. Great! But how do you then advertise your discount? How do you ensure that customers don't miss out on their savings?

Well, you could modify your site's theme and plaster advertisements everywhere, but that can get complicated. Even then, it's not a sure bet. Discounts can be tricky, and require your customer to do a little more than simply shop.

This is where Delight comes in. With Delight: Discount Messaging you can skip all the hassle, and ensure that your customers find ways to save each and every visit. Delight offers dynamic and intelligent messaging, letting your customers know exactly where they are in their discount journey, and setup is a breeze!

Simply install Delight, create your discount, customize your pop-ups, and then enable. Delight will immediately go to work increasing sales and building trust with your customers!

Notification types

  • Savings amounts: Notify your customers when they've saved.
  • Distance messages: Let your customers know when they need to buy more to unlock their discounts.
  • Discount unlocked: Tell your customers when there's more they need to do before they save.


  • Choose the position of your pop-ups
  • Choose between three fun backgrounds
  • Choose an animation
  • Choose your color scheme






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