Delightful Email by Ecango

Delightful Email by Ecango

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Effective Way To Send Welcome Emails

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Super Simple to Install

Getting started is a Breeze. Digital assistant sets up custom Welcome Email in minutes, saving you time so you can get up & running quickly.


Easy to use for beginners to experts with a great email editor. Great way to start email marketing.

Fully Automated

Automated and perfectly timed. Once it is all set up, just sit back and watch your customer engagement increase!

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Delightful Ecango allows you to send an automated welcome email when a customer signs up on your website or buys their first product. Perfectly timed, this is set within 20 minutes, so it's like the founder is sitting there sending a personalized welcome email to every new customer.

Setting up is a breeze. Ecango’s smart digital assistant, Edgar asks you some simple questions and then crafts your personalized delightful welcome email automatically. With no settings to play with after that! Just set and let it keep your new customers feeling delighted!

A personalized message from the founder is really powerful and gets your customers that “personal touch” feeling. We have it perfectly timed so that customers see your personalized email written and delivered within an optimal time. Perfect for merchants looking to work with email automation for the first time.

Features & Benefits

But that’s not all, there are even more great features:

  • Easy to use editor that allows you to add logos, really cool graphics and text to your emails that are a visual delight for your customers.
  • It's easy to put your store logo straight into the welcome email - just by adding the URL of the logo.
  • Merge Tags to customize and personalize your emails.
  • If you have multiple stores - no problem. Install it FREE on as many stores as you like.

Boost customer engagement and bring back customers to your store by sending a well-timed and customized welcome email from the founder.


If you need help or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Our support team is here to assist you so you can get started easily!

Delightful Email (by Ecango) is based in Australia and we can offer you email support Monday-Friday 10am to 6pm AEST.

So what are you waiting for ... try it FREE today …

PS. More awesome apps from Ecango are on their way ..

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