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Stay away. I was migrated from Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) after they were bought out by Flexport.
- Prices are higher than competitors by 2-3x
- Their network is just that, they are a network, with NO control over processes/employees
- I was migrated over without a single orientation, onboarding session, forget live onboarding, not even a recorded webinar was sent over to help me navigate their system/processes.
- Customer support is poor. No phone support or even chat support.
- Tickets have taken days/weeks to resolve. Not hours.
- Customer returns are disposed of without any proof/accountability

Choose a different 3PL and save your time + business.

Conway+Banks Hockey Co.
5个月 人在使用应用

Great company to work with! Have been using them for about 3 years now. The fees are on par if not better with other 3PLs. You need to do research (the pricing isn't an apples to apples comparison). If you're lucky, you can give them your data and they can also tell you if they will save you money or cost you more.

It's a little work, but the cost savings of the fast shipping without having to balance stock around the nation is a pure win.

Luxury Toy X
接近2年 人在使用应用

Terrible terrible terrible. Lost inventory, damaged inventory, inventory with incorrect tags making fulfilment impossible. Recernty their app deleted all of our location other than their own and migrated all of our inventory across other locations to the their own location. Dodgey and terrible to work with. Far more headaches than its worth

BlackBeard DIY Guitars
8个月 人在使用应用

Not only is the app no longer supported, but the app also seems to allow automatically declined transactions to go through. Additionally, Flexport is unable to receive and process inventory adequately. So, your product will sit in limbo for several months before anyone can give you a reason or the help needed.

The acquisition of Deliverr into Flexport has been an absolute nightmare.

1年多 人在使用应用

Partnering with this company can and will literally destroy your small business.
They are too big to fail and don't care about you or your business needs etc.

- We shipped 5 pallets (500+ units) to their warehouse. Our Freight company shows proof of delivery, yet Flexport is unable to provide a status of our inventoyr and the 5 pallet. We already escalated this and after a week, still not update or any confirmation from Flexport about it).

- The reason why you use a fulfillment center is so you have less hassle dealing with inventory etc. When you use Flexport, you have more problems than if you just manage workers in your own warehouse and ship out products yourself. You have to deal with the incompetence of low cost employees that are trained to provide ZERO OUTCOME RESPONSES for whatever inquiry you have

- ZERO guidance on how to use their platform. All they do is refer back to mediocre help pages that makes you question their whole process even more after reading them.

- They have NO phone support. Customer Service agents are based in Philippines, India or other low cost countries and respond with canned responses out of the CS rule-book.

- They loose your inventory and you have ZERO tracking capability once it hits their warehouse. Big Red Flag here!

- Any type of reimbursement process takes forever and seems that they are purposely dragging out things on everything you need from them.

If you want a reliable partner when it comes to fulfillment, look into Amazon MCF, ShipBob, ShipHero, ShipWire, etc.

There's an App on Shopify as well for most of them.

大约1个月 人在使用应用

We've been a Deliverr customer for over a year now.

We moved to them for 3PL services for our website fulfilment. All went well to begin with, they had nice systems and integrations. They weren't the cheapest, but the overall systems and service were good.

Then things started to go wrong. They stared charging long term storage fees at a truly eye watering rate. I understand they’re not a long term storage facility but these charges were truly gouging. Several months later they sent us an email telling us they were going to credit these charges back to us and that their LTSF price had been changed from a per unit minimum of 0.15c to 0.005c (bit of a difference!).

Then in November they billed us $9,334.74 for services that they should have billed at $2,250 for and we are still trying to get credit notes correctly applied to this invoice 2 months later. Let’s just say their credit note system does not meet good accounting practice. That long term storage fee credit I mentioned above, they decided to apply it to this incorrect invoice and then took the balance out of our bank account automatically – all while we were in active discussions with them about this overcharge.

In the last two weeks all the inventory we have in their Reserve Storage warehouses has disappeared from the system. We can't restock our other channels; we can't raise any outbound shipments. We have 32,000 units of inventory that has just GONE. Our logistics manager has spent hours chatting, raising tickets, calling and we still have no resolution and no pathway to resolution. I stepped in today to try and escalate it and I got told that "the inventory team is finalizing the next steps". Not really comforting after two weeks. We think it is to do with automating their Reserve Storage inventory management, but no one can tell us if this is correct. We’re just scrambling around in the dark.

The thing with Deliverr is you get a very siloed and structured support system where they raise a ticket, and they think the job is done. It will often get “handed off” to the team specialising in this area but moving the problem is not solving the problem and you the customer have no escalation pathway.

The only way you can track your tickets is through your email - you can't log in anywhere to see the history and status of your tickets. The tickets also have auto responders so every time you update them, they send you another email confirming that they have received your request and that someone will get back to you shortly. Your email inbox quickly becomes a self-replicating army of Mr Smith Deliverr email tickets that are impossible to navigate and track.

Accountability is lacking in this business. Finding a human who will take ownership is like finding a unicorn. I’ve literally been on a chat with a first line “merchant enablement” person for the last hour or so trying to request a meeting with someone to tell me where our 32,000 units of inventory has gone. They told me they actually cannot call phone numbers directly and have promised me a google meet with a supervisor when they can find one.

This is the experience we’ve had in recent months across three issues, long term storage fees, over billing and inventory mismanagement. We work with five other 3PL companies around the world. We know that issues happen. How they are resolved is a measure of the quality of the company you’re dealing with.

All of these issues could have been resolved smoothly if their support teams were more empowered to resolve issues, if they have escalation paths that work, and their support systems were more customer friendly.

I shouldn’t have to sit on a chat and refuse to go away to get these issues resolved.

Country Trading Co
2年多 人在使用应用

I would avoid this company until they are fully rolled up into Flexport and/or get their act together. Support has no real power over the warehouses they contract with, so your tickets go nowhere. I signed up with them to support my growing business and make things run more smoothly. Instead I spend more time babysitting them than the part-time shipper I had a year ago.

Hella Slingshots
1年多 人在使用应用

To believe this company is worth 2 billion dollars according to Shopify is insanely concerning. The only thing certain about Deliverr is that your customer's orders will be delayed at some point along the way. From their Forwarding & Inbound plans to their courier network, delay, delay, delay. Pay for 2-day shipping, and expect 2-week shipping. And if it is delivered, expect your customer's items to be half destroyed, due to the negligence and lack of care in delivery. Think that's a nightmare? The backend doesn't reflect accurate numbers, and I quote from a Deliverr employee "Don't worry about the dashboard numbers, they're not right". If you stock out, and Deliverr cancels the order, want to re-request the order be fulfilled on Shopify? Nope, have place order manually, then update tracking numbers manually. Need customer support? Expect a copy and paste from their FAQ. I rarely write negative reviews, but in this instance, I'm in genuine disbelief at how bad Deliverr has been so far. I really, really hope it improves because I can see it as being a very good service, as conceptually it has great features such as the fixed shipping pricing. However, in its current state, stay away. If anyone from up top from Deliverr would like to contact me, that would be great, but I would say it's very unlikely because they don't seem to care. I feel bad for giving a review like this, and have been reluctant to post it, but it is deserving. Update: If you do not believe me, please check the Better Business Reviews, god I wish I had read them beforehand. Please do not use Deliverr as your 3PL is genuinely the worst 3PL experience you possibly imagine, and you / your customers will suffer from it.

Fancy LEDs
8个月 人在使用应用

I use the app for about 6 months now 2 of wich it worked perfectly. then it says my shopify isn't connected and produce error when updating credentials. I tried contacting support for over a month and no solution. the customer service sucks

5个月 人在使用应用

Love Deliverr. Such a refreshing cloud-based system compared to all the old Warehouse Management Systems out there. Support is on point, Live Chat is great, all Inbounds are easy to reconcile by telling the WHs what to expect ahead of time. I have way more peace of mind using Deliverr than with any warehouse in the past. Not to mention, their rates are by far the cheapest. Love 'em!

大约2年 人在使用应用