Delivery Date Pro

Delivery Date Pro

開發者:Zestard Technologies

Our delivery date app lets the customer choose when to Deliver

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Delight Your Customers

Delight your customers through delivery date app and giving them an option to deliver your Product on a Specific Day and Time.

Block Specific Delivery Option

Don't want to deliver on Specific Days & Time? No worries, delivery date app will help to block date/time according to availability.

Limit Order Delivery Time-wise

Reduce the number of orders to deliver per day through delivery date app and set cut-off time to place orders for the same day delivery.

有關 Delivery Date Pro

Why Use Delivery Date Pro?

Delivery Date Pro is an easy to use Shopify application with smart features that provides calendar options using which Shopify merchants can allow their customers to schedule a delivery date and time for the orders they are placing.

The calendar option comes with several other inter-dependent sub-features, which can be applied and used to run the business with extraordinary flexible services.

Several Key Centric Features :

  1. Facility to block dates and business days as per business needs.
  2. Flexibility to add the block days to the minimum time interval of delivery days.
  3. Cut-off time settings for each individual weekday
  4. Delivery time setting for each individual weekday.
  5. Limit number of order delivery for each time slot.
  6. Calendar date/time options for each individual product of the store.
  7. Ability to limit the receiving of orders by setting a limit on the time constraint says “Cut-off” time.

Cut-off time, Limit on number of orders, Delivery time settings and calendar options on the product level are our several keys and unique features which are considered out of the box and makes our application unique on the Shopify app store listing

Delivery Date Pro Functional Features.

  • Option to make the customer select calendar options mandatory.
  • Facility to block specific dates and days as per the business rules & policy.
  • Facility to select delivery dates for the upcoming months in advance.
  • Allows setting day intervals “Minimum Date Interval” to deliver the orders.
  • Cut-off time settings to limit on the count of the number of the order's delivery.
  • Facility to export the orders received from the app “Manage Order” section.
  • Provides a separate “Manage Order” section to see orders placed along with delivery date/time information.

Delivery Date Pro Information Display Features & its Advantages :

  • Feature to display a calendar in different languages as per the merchants country.
  • Auto-selection of the next available date for the easy and quick placing of an order
  • Provides facility to keep the validation message of your own choice.
  • Merchant can set titles/labels of the delivery date/time section of their own choice.
  • Calendar can be shown open by default for an easy user interface for the store front.
  • Additional Css feature which allows inserting custom CSS for look n feel of calendar.
  • Provides notes section which you can use to display delivery privacy policy in brief.

Get Support From Our Team

  • We are here to help if you are facing any issues after installing the app.
  • Dial up 91-99-04095044 or drop us an email at for any help.

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Cart Calendar

每月 $7.99

  • It Provides Delivery Date &Time Selection,
  • Cut Off Time (Same for Everyday),
  • Same Day & Next Day Delivery,
  • Blocking Specific Days & Date

Auto Date picker

每月 $10.99

  • Add Delivery Date & Time information under customer order Email
  • Auto Select for Next Available Delivery Date

Cutoff time & Date

每月 $14.99

  • Manage Cut Off Time for each individual weekday
  • Manage Delivery Time and Count for each individual weekday

Product Calendar

每月 $15.99

  • All Basic Features (Cart Calendar)
  • The calendar on each Product
  • With Add-on Options of
  • Cutoff time & Block Dates
  • Minimum Date Interval

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** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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Wild Radish

Amazing support. The app has a lot of features and can get quite involved. We raised a support ticket at midnight and someone was on it by 6am. They joined our install and chatted live to resolve the issue we had within an hour. They also understood the problem very quickly without us having to repeat it (which is not often the case with online support).

The Pretty Balloon Co

I couldn't get the calendar showing on product page and despite back and forth, it seems like my requests/questions have fallen on deaf ears. Their customer service is atrocious. Emailed them "calendar still not showing", the reply was pretty much "we have implemented the code". I have paid for the ultimate version during trial period so I wanted to get it working, but in the end I GAVE UP.


Excellent customer service! App is reasonably priced with great functions! Thanks team for the help!