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9. Mai 2024

I have had to reach out only a couple of times to customer support and they have always been most helpful. This most recent time Dan assisted me, and he understood my concern and his recommendations fixed my issue immediately. This is a great app, and customer support is always quick to respond and incredibly knowledgeable!

It's Game Time Shoes
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5 monate mit der App
30. Mai 2024

Great customer support when I needed to work on something like re-positioning the timer. They came back to me very quickly with a solution

R&R Sports Apparel
5 tage mit der App
13. März 2024

We think the Delivery Timer application is great! Works very well and the pricing options are reasonable. We shall continue using this. Thank you.

Vereinigtes Königreich
4 monate mit der App
9. März 2024

it doesnt work, I can't contact with support

4 monate mit der App
LAUNCHTIP hat geantwortet 11. März 2024

Hi b2b-Beautonia,

We have checked your store and can see the timer is active and loading well.

We could not see any support tickets or request. We have reached out to you with confirmation of the above as well as some handy support guides to get you up and running.

If you require anymore assistance, simply reply to our support ticket. You can also reach our support from either this App Store Page or from within Delivery Timer.

Kind regards,


9. März 2024

Great app with good service. Works exactly how we expected it to

Timeless Vintage
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3 monate mit der App
7. Februar 2024

We are a Vermont Farm selling pastured pork and organic beef.
We ship out all orders on Tuesday and all orders arrive by Thursday.
I tried other delivery app on shopify and they could not handle this task.
in fact this is the message from my previous 3rd party app.
"Our configuration is mainly configured for multiple consecutive working days.
But it cannot be configured for a single working day (Date calculation logic cannot achieve the correct date effect you want).

It is recommended that you look at the estimated arrival date apps of other merchants to see if any of them meet your needs."

Well needless to say. I dropped that company and Expert Village Media a tech company who helped me on shopify told me about Launchtip. I gave a support ticket to Launchtip and they responded same day. the previous company responded 1 week later on 2 request.
I recommended Launchtip! Problem solved! @ LeBlanc Family Farm VT
Vereinigte Staaten
6 tage mit der App
22. Februar 2024

Amazing customer service. Dan was responsive to my request and made using this app easy. Will recommend

Vereinigte Staaten
6 tage mit der App
7. Februar 2024

Absolutely fantastic!!! Looks and performs great and excellent customer service
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4 tage mit der App
2. Mai 2024

good app

multi store
Etwa 13 stunden mit der App
5. Dezember 2023

Not only is the app great, but the customer service is great as well. I've just recently installed it, so I'm excited to see how it performs.

Divine Feminine Works
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15 tage mit der App