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15. April 2020

Gave it 2 stars for its ease of setup. Rules kept disabling and being deleted on a daily basis. Was not workable for us.

Fancy Fanny
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LAUNCHTIP hat geantwortet 15. April 2020

Our developer is continuing to look into why this may have occurred on the merchants setup and will hopefully resolve any outstanding errors going forward. Kind Regards, Dan.

Update: This issue has now been resolved.

22. Mai 2020

App should be simpler to setup, but it's not.

You have to setup a countdown that is "enabled" on weekdays, Sat, Sundays, and shows a "timer past cutoff." Then you go to another section to choose the delivery date where you set the "delivery lead time" in # of "working days." Then you choose the "dispatch days" by selecting each day of the week, and the choose the "active delivery days" by selecting the day of the week.

Does this sound intuitive? Sorry, but it's not. This app is a headache, and never seems to show the correct delivery date or cutoff.

9 monate mit der App
LAUNCHTIP hat geantwortet 23. Mai 2020

Thank you for feedback. Delivery Timer, as featured on the App Store 2019 Staff pick, is setup in those stages as described. This is due to the fact that there are almost infinite combinations that a store can offer. We state clearly in the description that we offer support and assistance with any setup. In this instance I don’t see a request from your store on this occasion but we would have been more than happy to assist. If you do need help setting up, simply reach out to us through one of our many support channels. We also have a knowledge base here:

Bearbeitet am 21. August 2021

Worked fine till the free trial was over. After the billing the estimate date doesn´t show on my product pages anymore?! Can someone help please.

8 tage mit der App
LAUNCHTIP hat geantwortet 21. August 2021

Hey Schwungfit,

Hope you are well. I don’t see any support tickets for your store so other than what you have said in the review, I’m not entirely sure what the issue is.

All I can guess at this point is that you don’t have the “show timer past cutoff” enabled. Please enable that and see if the timer is visible.

Please also feel free to open a support ticket so we can better assist you :)

Kind regards,


13. Juni 2022

So, app didn't work on variations and disappeared. App also doesn't allow me to change text on visual from "dispatch" to "shipped" (US terminology). App allows custom placement, but I would need to turn off global option that the app is on? does that work? Text was too big for visual, so that means another css custom style sheet for handling that. Ultimately, I went with another app that worked out of the box and didn't disappear when variant was selected. Visual is great on this, but that's about it.

Cutler West
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LAUNCHTIP hat geantwortet 13. Juni 2022

Thanks for the feedback Brett.

Regarding your queries, the strings are translatable from the settings menu. “Delivery Timer > Settings”

As mentioned previously, we are happy to position and style it for you. The “big date” can be made smaller or removed with some CSS and we are happy to provide that.

With Variants, you can’t currently set individual dates for specific variants. It does auto-hide if the variant is out of stock. Our demo shows the timer showing when you change variant so its likely an issue with your theme if it is hiding.

Feel free to re-install and reach out again if you want further assistance in the future.