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Developed by iasevoli ltd

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  • Attract customers with a perfect description
  • Utilize expert writers to market your products
  • Individualize your order however you want

In short:

  • All the descriptions are custom-made, by a real person, for you.

  • Every description is delivered in 3 days or less.

  • Revisions are free. As many as you want.

Boost your sales – quickly and efficiently

Do you have a genius idea for a brand new product? Do you want to stand out from
the crowd? Our team of skilled writers can provide you with the description
required to captivate potential customers. Good marketing is essential for
making a profit – Describe is the ideal tool to make your products well-known
and desirable.

Personalize the description according to your needs

Our interface gives you the freedom to customize your description in any way you
see fit. Whether you want a concise summary or a comprehensive overview, the
choice is yours. Some of our options include:

  • Word Count: How many words would you like your description
    to have?
  • Keywords: Which words are the most relevant to your
  • Instructions: What do you want the description to contain?
    What are the main selling points of your product? Which features should we
    highlight to customers?

All you have to do is enter the information that is important to you
and we will do the rest. In a short amount of time, you can expect to
receive a professionally written description created specifically to suit your

A description can make or break a purchase

Even the best products cannot sell themselves; they require competent
advertising. Our application is a modern and effective way of delivering
high-quality marketing to users. It is simple and convenient -
a dream come true for small companies looking for a fast, inexpensive way to
make their product break into the market. It is also a stellar option for
ambitious projects as our descriptions are fine-tuned towards your vision.

Describe is better than its competitors for the following reasons:

  • Free Revisions: You have the option to return our
    descriptions for revisions as many times as your heart desires. We strive for
    excellence and settle for nothing less. User satisfaction is a goal we
    relentlessly pursue.
  • Experienced Writers: Our writers were all carefully
    selected to excel at this role. They have an extensive background in digital
    marketing and an accomplished record of successful economic writing.
  • Low Cost, High Quality: By using Describe,
    you are guaranteed to get the "best bang for your buck". Not only are we
    cost-effective, but our app is also uniquely practical due to the remarkable
    speed and simplicity of its service.

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This is app is a life saver. i like how the writer writes the products description. You can fine tune the description its self after he/she writes the description to make it fix more to your personality. I have used it for a few of my products.

The only Con: is that after w few days the app gets stuck on loading so you have no way of accessing again to order.



I was a little skeptical of using this but I gave them a shot and got 2 descriptions and they turned out very well! Will be using again. If your having a hard time with writing good descriptions, you should give them a shot.


From 30 to 50 words

  • Basic Quality: $2.5
  • Good Quality: $4.1
  • Better Quality: $5.7

From 80 to 100 words

  • Basic Quality: $3.6
  • Good Quality: $5.5
  • Better Quality: $7.5

From 180 to 200 words

  • Basic Quality: $5.6
  • Good Quality: $8.1
  • Better Quality: $10.8

From 280 to 300 words

  • Basic Quality: $7.5
  • Good Quality: $10.6
  • Better Quality: $14.1

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