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Redigerat 2 oktober 2023

EDIT - The app creator reached out to refund me for my experience and offered a trial code for me to try again at a later point. I appreciate their prompt and friendly customer service and so am updating my 1 star review to 3 stars for their response.
The sections are very limited in how you can customize them and use them. Also, I was subscribed to this app for a month before cancelling and expected that I could still access the features for the remainder of the month until the current billing cycle ends but access to the app features ends right away, which I feel must violate some law or policy when it comes to subscription payments. If I paid for the month, it should be honored until the end of the month.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
Design Packs Inc svarade 4 oktober 2023

Apologies that the app wasn't the right fit for what you were looking for and sorry there was the issue with the Shopify billing. Thank you for taking the time to update your review, we really appreciate it. We wish you all the best with your store and are always happy to help if you decide to try Design Packs again in the future.