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Desktop Theme Editor

Desktop Theme Editor

Developed by Shopify

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  • Use your text editor of choice to edit theme files
  • Automatically keep theme files in sync
  • Manage multiple shops and themes at once

The Shopify Desktop Theme editor for OS X (10.7 or newer) lets you sync your local theme files with your live Shopify store's theme. This means you can use any code editor (Sublime, TextMate) to modify Shopify theme assets and they will automatically be uploaded to your store.

For more details, check out the blog post.

Desktop Theme Editor reviews (41)


1.0.1 was working fine with my OS 10.6.8 and you are forcing this update to 1.0.4. Well...it is broken and does not load themes after login. I see others are having the same trouble. Please fix this as soon as possible so I can get on with work. I wish I could choose 0 stars for this upgrade. Loved the app when it worked.


I want to change my URL but its still good to work with



I have 1.0.3 of this installed. The latest version is 1.0.4. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

Updating 20 images all at once doesn't work. They either don't update or only one or two update. SIgh.

And seriously, why does force deploy take so long? like 30 minutes to upload 3.4mb of files.

This app is almost awesome but just needs a bit of TLC.



Simple application, connects well with editors, but without sync option it can make a mess when more than one person is working on a website. Definitely must-have feature for next release, but promising start.


Working nicely on 10.9.1, using version 1.0.3!


Please create for PC!


Having the same issue with 10.6. Won't load existing themes or let me add new ones. just says "Loading themes for this Shop… Just a moment please". is there a fix for this?


Not working in 10.6, either. Won't load existing themes or let me add new ones. Persists with "Loading themes for this Shop… Just a moment please".


Not working on Maverick


App works well, but not having a "Force Sync" option is really frustrating. Spent all day working on changes on one computer then tried pushing new changes and everything was gone on another computer.

It's an awesome first step, but that's a core feature that needs to get added to make this part of my workflow.



Mac OS X 10.7+

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