Dexter ‑ Product Price AB Test

Dexter ‑ Product Price AB Test

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評分 (4.3)
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4 則評價
  • 91% 的評分為 5 顆星
  • 3% 的評分為 4 顆星
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4 則評價

$3.99 per 100 visitors is crazy... Other plugins out there doing the same simple thing for completely free

StayTuned 已回覆 2023年1月3日

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. We agree our pricing needs to be updated to be more merchant friendly and we're working on that. We wanted to reach out to you to see how else we can help but we can't find any support tickets from you and it looks like your store isn't active. We'll keep trying!


An amazing app, let down by a ridiculous pricing structure. Reduce the price by at least 50% and charge for only the test price visitors (instead of all visitors) and then more people will use it, including myself.

Forever Serenity
StayTuned 已回覆 2022年6月21日

Hi Forever Serentiy team,
Thank you so much for this feedback. We hear you and are drafting ideas for how we can change our pricing to be more merchant friendly. If you're open to it, we'd love to run a few of these ideas by you to understand if they would work better for your business model. We will reach out via email.

Thanks again for taking the time to help us get better!

-Lauralynn at Dexter


The app itself works great, but the 1 star review is for the pricing model, which kills the usefulness of the app for me. The only pricing option is green-light unlimited charges up to a ceiling of $999/month. No choice for $200/$500/$750/etc. Either Nothing or write a check for UP TO $999/month. We tested 4 products and did get some good data, but we'd need 10k visitors, and about 100+ conversions per price variant to feel that there's statistical significance for other tests we run.

Forrest & Harold
StayTuned 已回覆 2022年2月14日

Thanks so much for this feedback, Forrest & Harold team! We truly take it to heart as we consider how to improve our app, and our pricing, to make it a better experience for you. We reached out over email as well to see if there is any way we can make this right!


Great concept of an app, however it is extremely expensive to test anything at all. I was charged almost $1,000 and the experiments still were "insufficient". I contacted the support about this and they completely ignored me. Very disappointed.

Impulse Modern
StayTuned 已回覆 2021年12月13日

Thanks for your note. So sorry our app pricing wasn't a good fit for you, we have refunded you and emailed you to see if we can help make things right! So sorry for not replying to your note earlier, we are working hard to improve our email response time by improving our tools and hiring some amazing agents. We really hope we can work with you to create some helpful and efficient price tests!