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Edit: The team reached out to me and really did their best to help out, fixing the issues mentioned below. Really cool! Will give this app another shot now.
The pricing model is insane. $3.99 per 100 views - ok. Pricy but they are allowed to charge whatever. But a view is also when the product that's being A/B tested shows up as a RELATED product. So not even eyeballs on the price. This is borderline scam sorry.

Awesome Maps
使用應用程式 5個月
Goods Media LLC 已回覆 2022年5月20日

Hi Awesome Maps team, thanks for this feedback. Behind the scenes, we are working to making our pricing model more transparent. The way our pricing works is tied into how our app works - every time the product variant is shown (whether on a PLP or a collection page) this counts as a view. We totally hear your feedback, and agree the pricing needs a makeover.

We have reached out via a direct message to make things right. Thanks for taking the time to write this review. We will let you know once our pricing has been updated!


So far we're loving the user friendly-ness of the app. It enabled us to run different pricing scenarios without having to jump through all sorts of hoops and change URLs and create new Landing Pages.

MedLock™ by RSI
使用應用程式 14天
Goods Media LLC 已回覆 2022年3月29日

Thanks for this feedback on our app being user-friendly. As you know, from making a user-friendly product, ease of use is so critically important. We pride ourselves on having easy-to-use tech, and a great support team to ensure the process is seamless. Thanks for taking the time to share feedback!


Cool product but flawed "one size fits all" pricing strategy. The app charges 3.99 per 100 visitors. I can see how this would be fair for some test - however others, like ours it just seems way too much. We sell t-shirts for around $29 and were wanting to test different price points a couple dollars cheaper or a couple dollars more. With such an impulse item already a LOT of data is needed to determine statistical relevance. We are already at 1000 visitors for one test ($39 worth) and still don't really know anything. It's not that the app isn't valuable, however at what we're paying we will probably end up just doing the tests manually ourselves without the app.

Nature Backs
使用應用程式 13天
Goods Media LLC 已回覆 2021年11月15日

Thanks for sharing the feedback on our app. We are thinking through our pricing model and appreciate your input. We will take this into account as our business model evolves.

Would you be up for us to discuss this pricing with you? we have sent you an email to discuss. Would love to get your input.