dexter : Price A/B Testing

dexter : Price A/B Testing

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Run price tests with one click, find hidden revenue & profits

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One-click deploy

One click to deploy price tests. Your URLs stay the same! You don't need to make any changes on Shopify or your Facebook/Google ads.

Control splits

Control your tests, with custom traffic splits. Get results quickly with a 50-50 split or send only 10% of your traffic and measure steadily

Easy tracking

See which price is doing better in a single glance. We also tell you when you have enough data for a conclusive winner!

Sobre dexter : Price A/B Testing

Optimise Price, Maximise Profits

dexter is price A/B testing tool, that helps you test an alternate price for your products.

All you have to do is:

  1. Pick a product
  2. Decide how much you want to increase (or decrease) the price
  3. Pick what fraction of visitors should see the test price

You are now ready to launch a price test!

Big e-commerce corporations constantly leverage their product prices, in order to maximise profits. Now that power of price testing is in your hands, with dexter.


  1. Same product URL - no changes required in Shopify or your Facebook or Google Ads
  2. Compatible with remarketing, cart recovery - shoppers continue to see the same price through their journey (known to work with Klaviyo, Privy, Pushowl, Facebook, Google Remarketing)
  3. Start a test with one click - we take care of everything that's needed
  4. Simple comparison between prices - monitor revenue / 100 visitors to tell which price is doing well at a glance
  5. Statistical analysis - We do the math, so you can be sure that your price change works


  • Is it safe to play around with my product price?

It can be scary changing the price of product, without knowing what it will do to your sales. That is precisely why we built dexter so you can test the prices and know what works. Quickly and easily. If you still cannot get over the fear of changing your price, think about the prospect of greater revenue and profits. Marginal changes in price, seldom affect the sales of good products, but often have a substantial impact on the profits you take home.

  • What products should I run price tests on?

Pick a product that has steady visitors and sales. This is where you can quickly unlock hidden revenue. If you are too early in product or store growth story, the data will be noisy and you might not be able to get a quick and clear answer.

  • How do I know which price is doing better?

Simple: We'll point it out. We present a simple number - revenue / 100 visitors - to compare between the two prices. You also need sufficient data before concluding that a price is definitely better. We do this math for you as well, and tell you when a test has a conclusive winner for you.

We are a small team, here to help you manage your price to maximise your revenue and profits. Do write to us at!

Some limits:

  1. Due to the way Google Shopping treats price on the page, sometimes the price split tests might not work
  2. Products with more than 40 variants are currently not automatically supported
  3. Due to complications with some themes, we might not support your theme out of the box; we will review and try to make it work

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No limits on number or duration of tests, charges based on number of visitors to the price tests.

4.8 de 5 estrelas

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Avaliações mais recentes

Swished Australia

Couldn't recommend this app and the team more... Their support is the best i have come across on any app and they are absolute rockstars at what they do. Have been on multiple zoom calls to set up new tests and couldn't be happier with the level of efficiency and knowledge they have.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

16 de abril de 2021

Thanks Jye and Co. It's been fun working with you folks. We are learning quite a bit. And glad to be useful!


I installed this because of all the good reviews but it is misleading. It is frustrating that I wasted all my time to set this up. The app does not work for price testing for my store. I talked to the dexter support team and they said I don't have enough traffic and my conversion rates is too low but the whole point of why I installed this app was to test and improve my conversion rates. I waited a long time for them to manually set up the app for my store. It is not an automatic set up and they have to manually go in and review my theme and set it up. Also it is very expensive so even if it would work I wont come back given the high price.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

8 de abril de 2021

We understand that you are keen on price testing, but we hold ourselves to a high bar for integrity, and it is our job to look out for you. Hence we go above and beyond to guide you and protect your interests, even when it hurts our revenue potential.

I would also like to reiterate what we communicated to you:
1. You can run price tests on dexter perfectly fine on your store, you can launch a test in 3 clicks (and less than 30 seconds) now.
2. We review every store to make sure that the price tests work properly, this is necessary for any true A/B test of prices; we set this up on priority basis for you in less than the time we communicated to you!
3. We were honest and open about why price testing is not right, even though this means lost revenue for us! I continue to stand by the fact that it is not in the best interest of your store to run a price test at this point (not just with dexter, but any app).

Merchants get between 50x-1000x ROI on price testing with dexter within the the first month itself, and they get to keep the increased revenue forever. You can still come back and run price tests with us, and we will make sure that you do not have to worry about the costs as well.

Please do write back, for any way in which we can help.

DVLP Brands

The only service I've worked with that GENUINELY offers 24/7 customer support. Their support mediums include video calls, which I've found to be much more helpful than text or call. Ultra customizable as well -- the Dexter team played day-and-night with my theme to make it work. Overall, this is an incredible app, and their parent company is working to release even more exciting products in the near-future. Start working with them now while they're young, because their prices are an absolute bargain.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

7 de abril de 2021

Thanks Neel! Those words really warm our hearts.
Looking forward to seeing your tests bring in the revenue.