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DHL Express Shipping

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Having issues where it is not quoting customers the correct price and also allowing customer to buy shipping on products that are too long. I have put a request into support but they never got back to me. Can't use the app.

Needs a way to exclude products from the service.
Needs a way to bulk edit dimensions. I have hundreds and scrolling through each one is tedious.
Not sure if its a mistake but seems to be allowing items with dimensions over 120cm

Sofia Brow®

Does not work in Mexico. How is that possible? Will be waiting until you Dhl decide to make it able to work in the country

TripleClamp Moto Australia

It generates labels, however, there are two issues:

1 - It does not make thermal Printer friendly label. (only makes letter size labels).

2 - HS codes don't get transferred to over.


There are few bugs here and there which makes it troublesome to get the labels out. But the biggest challenge is the fact that there is no way to bulk edit products to set the required size dimensions: to edit each and every product separately is not the way. I really hope this app would be improved to a satisfactory level as the idea is good and when functioning very valuable.

NiP Shop

Integration was easy and quick. Getting it to work correctly was long, hard and tedious. It is still not working correctly for me on some European addresses.


First of all: If you are in the US and/or are selling to the US this app is probably fine. Use it.

For everybody else, a big caveat: This app works fine until you try to use accented letters in your addresses (e.g. ä, ö, ü, ß), then it will fail with a generic error message ("Failed to generate label"). This makes it unusable for me, as I am sending mostly to European countries where accented characters are very common.

On the plus side: Email support is responsive and helpful.


First of all it's free so thank you!, actually is working with our DHL account with no problems it feeds the discount rate from the account, the only situation it's that during installation app caused a conflict with another app called CONEKTA PAYMENTS, we had to change our payment gateway in México so DHL app can work.

Chrysos Jewellery

I would give a zero start because it says an invalid account number whilst I for real have one.

Plus, no answers for our questions.

Opherty Ciocci

Needs more integration, should have a price calculator with POSTAL CODE right next to the listings price. Works fine, though.

Luxury Vintage, Pre-Loved Fashion

Gemini Lights

Almost perfect. I use this app to creates DHL shipping labels with my own discount rates. It grabs the customer's information and pre-fills the label. You can also schedule pickups and track shipments through the app. Paperless Trade is available with uploading your own documents.

Wish List:
- Automatically mark Shopify order as fulfilled with the tracking number
- Show the discounted shipping rate before creating the label
- Create commercial invoices based on the order and submit to PLT

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