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If order has a discount on (automatic or code) the customs invoice will still be produced with the full price so the customer has to pay more customs than they should which is detrimental to overseas orders. Also for shipment cost, which can't be deleted for the goods value. DHL must change these settings!

Earthwise Beauty

This app does not offer correctly calculated shipping even if all products have up to date weight and dimension information saved in the app. Frequently we end up having to cover the heavy cost of under charged customer shipping rates. Customer service would be appreciated for resolving the error.


This app works but has some issues that the support team refuses to address. We love using DHL but unfortunately this is the only app that can make labels using our own DHL account.

1) Selecting PDF 4x6 thermal printer produces a 4x6 label inside a letter size paper! We have to manually crop every signle label before we can print them in our 4x6 thermal printers.

2) HS codes from product descriptions do not transfer over. We have to copy/paste HS code for every item into this app before making the label.

Both of these issue have been brought up with their support staff several couple of times months ago.


Having issues where it is not quoting customers the correct price and also allowing customer to buy shipping on products that are too long. I have put a request into support but they never got back to me. Can't use the app.

Needs a way to exclude products from the service.
Needs a way to bulk edit dimensions. I have hundreds and scrolling through each one is tedious.
Not sure if its a mistake but seems to be allowing items with dimensions over 120cm

Sofia Brow®

Does not work in Mexico. How is that possible? Will be waiting until you Dhl decide to make it able to work in the country

Chrysos Jewellery

I would give a zero start because it says an invalid account number whilst I for real have one.

Plus, no answers for our questions.