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DHL Express Shipping

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Pretty time intense even for low order volumes. On auto-fulfill the wrong carrier is matched to the tracking number.
Critical customer information (e-mail) is not submitted to DHL, thus failing to offer an opportunity to contact the customer e.g. with DHL ODD information.


In terms of shipping this app and DHL are very good. However seems very old in terms of what they offer. No bulk shipping and no return shipping invoices which is a huge downside especially the way online retailers are going. Would love to see this in the future. There hasn't been an update for ages on this app.


You can not print in bulk, if your store has a discount on (automatic or code) the customs invoice will still be produced with the full price so the customer has to pay more customs than they should which is detrimental to overseas orders. Lots of issues with the app that should be updated.


There are few bugs here and there which makes it troublesome to get the labels out. But the biggest challenge is the fact that there is no way to bulk edit products to set the required size dimensions: to edit each and every product separately is not the way. I really hope this app would be improved to a satisfactory level as the idea is good and when functioning very valuable.