DHL Express Shipping

DHL Express Shipping

by DHL Express

Rating, Shipping, Tracking and Paperless Trade

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The idea is good, but the App is very old ...
I can't insert my VAT ID in the paper-less Invoice,
do not take the measurements of the standar box entered on Shopify and in any case you cannot save the most used ones, the HS codes entered on Shopify are not taken.
Another important thing is to add the possibility of switching data between the sender and receiver, in case there is a need to send a label to the customer to make a return.
Come on ... you are DHL !!! ... the app is not to your height!

TripleClamp Moto Australia

It generates labels, however, there are two issues:

1 - It does not make thermal Printer friendly label. (only makes letter size labels).

2 - HS codes don't get transferred to over.

NiP Shop

Integration was easy and quick. Getting it to work correctly was long, hard and tedious. It is still not working correctly for me on some European addresses.


First of all: If you are in the US and/or are selling to the US this app is probably fine. Use it.

For everybody else, a big caveat: This app works fine until you try to use accented letters in your addresses (e.g. ä, ö, ü, ß), then it will fail with a generic error message ("Failed to generate label"). This makes it unusable for me, as I am sending mostly to European countries where accented characters are very common.

On the plus side: Email support is responsive and helpful.