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Prince of Scots

Check the Recent Reviews and not the Overall Review Score for current capabilities.

Very disappointing and a waste of time. After months of working with InXpress relationship turned out to be a big dude. The goal was to grow our international business with promises of great savings.

The actual DHL Shipping Cost were 33% to 50% higher impacting customer experiences and was disruptive to our business.

The sales staff was very aggressive to provide logistic service where cargo shipments were considered. InXpress was an option for cargo shipping solution with UK contact and shipping was even worse.

First we worked on air cost of small bulk shipments which seemed to go well until boxes began arriving mangled. Bulk shipments were even worse where boxes were missing and damaged with missing units which took months to get reimbursed for lost shipments.

The straw that broke the camels back came when freight was passed off to freight forwarder where the UK and US office refused to work together and clear the goods, shipped the goods to Chicago when our warehouse is outside of Pittsburgh and added $1000+ to shipment cost.

The US office claimed they did not work with accounts which were not regular accounts where the UK office claimed this was a regular account but regular accounts might be different by franchise. WHAT? The response is not reflective of a global logistics provider.

We reached out to the company to speak to CEO or Senior Executive and were told by our contact person she was his daughter and it is what it is.....

InXpress is not a wise choice for e-commerce or any shipping solution.

Inefficient from start to finish!

Black Ship Grooming Co.

Stay Far far Far away from this company. First, off nothing that they originally told me about pickups were true. This included the insurance being included in the costs of the shipment and delivery times of two days to Europe (France). Non of this was actually true.

The very first shipment I sent with InExpress and DHL, I actually had to call DHL to have my shipment picked up after several days of waiting for the pickup. While arranging the pickup I was told by DHL there wasn't insurance on the package. I ended up paying for that just to get it shipped and the package took well over 19 days to be delivered not the two to three days as promised.

I should've just used USPS which was a dollar more than the sending a shipment through InExpress and took only 6 days to be delivered.

On top of all the delays for pickup and delivery, DHL dropped the package broke the bottles inside and ruining the entire contents of the shipment.

How do I know this, My customer refused the package took photos and sent them to me of the wet exterior of the package. I did get the package back but I should've just had them destroy it. Nothing inside the package was salvageable ($150.00 loss which I insured) Also my customer told me the store owner called him asking him to come to pick up the package. They told him that the DHL delivery dropped the package off the top of his dolly. then he quickly left all packages at the store and left without the signatures as he supposes to do.

Now when it came to filing the claim, I talked to InExpress who said they would take care of this and asked me to send them the info. This was sent several times and now the claim is closed by DHL because I didn't send in the forms to DHL. I had actually spoken to DHL to get an update. DHL told me that they couldn't answer me because I wasn't the actual shipper InExpress was and I had to go through InExpress.

Save yourself the aggravation and hundreds of dollars, USE USPS, FEDEX or UPS. At least there you can talk to someone and get things resolved. USE InXpress and DHL at your own risk. Feel free to ask me, I have the correspondence.

La Isha

I dpwnloaded this app a full week ago and still have not received a reply from this vendor. Am very disappointed, as I have used InXpress software independently in the past, and would have liked to continue using it under Shopify.


i can't review the app as they've never even bothered to get back to me. I applied for an account over two weeks ago, and despite numerous emails to follow-up, I have never even received a reply. It's a shame, as the app sounds great but I'm not impressed with their customer service to say the least. Very poor


Only useful if you import/export to/from US of A!