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DHL Carrier Rating for US and Canada based merchants Only.

This hybrid DHL solution from a global reseller, we are offering dramatically reduced international shipping costs by consolidating the shipping volume from thousands of businesses under one umbrella. Take advantage of these rates and offer DHL as an additional shipping option. No minimum requirements to qualify. No Fees and Free DHL pickups. We're helping thousands of start-ups, small to mid-sized companies save thousands on their shipping costs and helping them grow their overseas market.

Download the app, we will request your DHL account, the account will belong to you; you will receive our discounted rates. DHL picks up and delivers your packages. It’s that easy.

Please note this is not for existing DHL Customers who have shipped on their account within the last 6 months.

  1. Download the App. You will immediately receive an email with our DHL Account Application via EchoSign (adobe).

  2. Complete the DHL Account Application and submit electronically (Credit card required to secure DHL Account). *Within 3 business days you will receive your DHL Account and the App will automatically activate.

  3. Not Required but you can customize your product’s “Dimensions” with the dimensional weight tool under products, otherwise the app will use existing product weight for rating.


  • Importing Samples or other items? If so, let us know and we will get you a DHL Import Account with our deep discounts.

Print DHL Express Shipping Labels and Packing Slips

  • ShipStation: InXpress is a fully integrated partner of ShipStation. You can mix & match creating labels for UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, OnTrac, & others in batches of hundreds of labels at a time.(Packing slips, too!)

  • WebShip: WebShip is our unique shipping portal for all your international shipping needs. You will be given a unique

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Overall rating
4.3 of 5 stars
Based on 46 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Koeppel Design

I have been a customer with InXpress since 2016. When the app update was introduced this year, everything started to go downhill. This year the app has been inconsistently returning rates to my customers that were $10-20 cheaper than the actual label purchase price. Before my holiday season started, I reached out in September of 2019 to troubleshoot the issues- and for 3 months I have had more headaches and problems with this app than any other service or app I have ever used. Customer service has been sloppy, slow, and honestly downright harmful to my business.

Corbin and Howard asked for access to my shopify store to check the backend of the app and Shopify settings to make sure it was reinstalled properly after they reinstalled the app in early December. I have a record of 3 logged visits from them, where someone with InXpress logins altered all International UPS rates, so my international customers were not seeing any of the lower rates offered by UPS. They also forgot to turn the DHL app back on, so for 5 days during my busiest period, international customers were not seeing any international rates at checkout. I spent about an hour chatting with the helpful support folks at Shopify who were able to pinpoint the problem as being an issue with InXpress, and also let me know my UPS rates had been altered. While InXpress was down, I turned on Shopify DHL rates to make them available to my customers. Corbin, or someone on the tech end with access turned off all my Shopify DHL rates without my permission, when I alerted them to the problem of their app not returning rates.

This has been such a shocking experience that InXpress would tamper with any shipping rates in my shop, let alone competitors rates without my permission is inexcusable. DHL has been great for my business and my international customers love the service, but InXpress is not honest, transparent or reliable at all.

Prince of Scots

Check the Recent Reviews and not the Overall Review Score for current capabilities.

Very disappointing and a waste of time. After months of working with InXpress relationship turned out to be a big dude. The goal was to grow our international business with promises of great savings.

The actual DHL Shipping Cost were 33% to 50% higher impacting customer experiences and was disruptive to our business.

The sales staff was very aggressive to provide logistic service where cargo shipments were considered. InXpress was an option for cargo shipping solution with UK contact and shipping was even worse.

First we worked on air cost of small bulk shipments which seemed to go well until boxes began arriving mangled. Bulk shipments were even worse where boxes were missing and damaged with missing units which took months to get reimbursed for lost shipments.

The straw that broke the camels back came when freight was passed off to freight forwarder where the UK and US office refused to work together and clear the goods, shipped the goods to Chicago when our warehouse is outside of Pittsburgh and added $1000+ to shipment cost.

The US office claimed they did not work with accounts which were not regular accounts where the UK office claimed this was a regular account but regular accounts might be different by franchise. WHAT? The response is not reflective of a global logistics provider.

We reached out to the company to speak to CEO or Senior Executive and were told by our contact person she was his daughter and it is what it is.....

InXpress is not a wise choice for e-commerce or any shipping solution.

Inefficient from start to finish!

Black Ship Grooming Co.

Stay Far far Far away from this company. First, off nothing that they originally told me about pickups were true. This included the insurance being included in the costs of the shipment and delivery times of two days to Europe (France). Non of this was actually true.

The very first shipment I sent with InExpress and DHL, I actually had to call DHL to have my shipment picked up after several days of waiting for the pickup. While arranging the pickup I was told by DHL there wasn't insurance on the package. I ended up paying for that just to get it shipped and the package took well over 19 days to be delivered not the two to three days as promised.

I should've just used USPS which was a dollar more than the sending a shipment through InExpress and took only 6 days to be delivered.

On top of all the delays for pickup and delivery, DHL dropped the package broke the bottles inside and ruining the entire contents of the shipment.

How do I know this, My customer refused the package took photos and sent them to me of the wet exterior of the package. I did get the package back but I should've just had them destroy it. Nothing inside the package was salvageable ($150.00 loss which I insured) Also my customer told me the store owner called him asking him to come to pick up the package. They told him that the DHL delivery dropped the package off the top of his dolly. then he quickly left all packages at the store and left without the signatures as he supposes to do.

Now when it came to filing the claim, I talked to InExpress who said they would take care of this and asked me to send them the info. This was sent several times and now the claim is closed by DHL because I didn't send in the forms to DHL. I had actually spoken to DHL to get an update. DHL told me that they couldn't answer me because I wasn't the actual shipper InExpress was and I had to go through InExpress.

Save yourself the aggravation and hundreds of dollars, USE USPS, FEDEX or UPS. At least there you can talk to someone and get things resolved. USE InXpress and DHL at your own risk. Feel free to ask me, I have the correspondence.