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Hier geht man nichts.
Wir sind nicht im stande mehrere Lables zu erstellen.
Kundenservice reagiert nicht...

Lesehilfen DiKo

Problem, dass Leitcodierung nicht funktioniert, wird leider nicht bearbeitet.
Keiner meldet sich - äusserst schwache Leistung


This integration is verging on useless. It only works if the customer makes no mistakes (like too many characters in the address line) and does not require any customs documents (Is local to Germany or the EU). The error reporting is confusing and difficult to decypher (It complains about things and does not say where the mistake can be found). It is impossible to edit and change any address data, package data or customs data through the plugin interface. Skip this plugin and go directly to some payed solution like Shipstation... :(

The support people are very nice and professional, but all you get is "we are working hard on it we will add that functionality some day. For now use our crusty and convoluted geschaefstskundenportal instead' Now you have to cut and paste all the customer data one by one by hand. That is not the answer I am expecting from DHL. The fact that those features were not essential and highest priority is strange at best.

Do better DHL...

Hope this doesn't come as purely aggressive feedback but maybe something to think about.

1. The app sometimes doesn't print out the full address and my packet ends up trailing around with no purpose.
2. I can't bulk print out shipping labels.
3. Lost packages! A huge quantity of packages were lost and I had to deal with the Customers.
4. Very very weak Customer care.
5. App bugged. not being able to print anything.

I try to stay neutral here but honestly I'm very unsatisfied with this app that I would recommend against it.

Developer reply

November 15, 2019

Hi VinoKilo,

Thanks for your review. Let us try to improve things.

1. can you give us some examples where this happens - directly send those to - and we will investigate those

2. This is true. The current version does not support bulk label printing. We will be releasing version 2 of the DHL App in Jan 2020. This version will support a basic form of bulk label printing. If you want to be part of early access in January, please let us know thru support and your store name.

3. for this, please contact our support team at, and we will sort out where those packages went

4. We are trying to improve that on various levels. For app support, you can always contact

5. Earlier this week, the hosting center had several system issues, which lead to an outage of a lot of applications that were hosted there, including the DHL App. The outage took close to 4h and 50mins. We are very sorry about it. Before that event, the hosting center provider and our app had no major disruptions for over 300 days.
We are currently investigating ways to even lessen the probability of such an event in the future.

If you could send us more detailed information directly to we will try to sort out all DHL App related issues as quickly as we can.


This app is really bad. It's not working for 5 hours and published by DHL. DHL must change their Shopify APP developer firm or etc. We are getting this error "’s server IP address could not be found." and our Delivery system totally down. We are using DHL Seller Portal and entering orders detail manually.

Lovely DHL outsourced firm; Elon Musk find self landing space rocket but we can not ............. (fill blanks)

Developer reply

November 14, 2019

Hi Tortendekoshop,
we are sorry that you experienced this outage earlier this week. We run the DHL application in a load balanced cluster within a major global hosting provider. The application had 300 days of uninterrupted availability before the outage event earlier this week happend. Sadly the whole german hosting center had some disruptions that day. It took the provider several hours to contain and fix.
We took measures to manually switch to another hosting center in the EU to limit the downtime and get the system up and running again. With all the efforts, we still had an outage of the DHL App of 4 hours and 52 minutes that day and apologize for it.
We are still investigating the issue and its causes to make sure the next time such an unpredictable outage event hits, we can limit the impact on our app and for you as a merchant.


Hatte zunächst Probleme bei der Konfiguration der DHL App.
Aber: DHL hat sich mit mir in Verbindung gesetzt und kompetent geholfen! Jetzt funktioniert alles und tut was es soll. Die App macht die Versandabwicklung im Zasammenhang mit dem DHL-Geschäftskundenportal sehr einfach! Klasse support und sehr gute App!

Developer reply

October 15, 2019

Es sieht so aus als ob die Absendeadresse nicht richtig eingestellt ist.
Senden Sie uns bitte Ihre Kontaktdaten an und wir sehen uns das Thema gerne an.

RSR Moto

The setup was appalling. i had to pay someone as it was taking too long to work out. And when installed, what a letdown! It refuses to generate labels without phone numbers, so all my amazon orders can't go through it. Half my store orders do not come with phone numbers either. But if I input the data on the DHL website, it does not demand phone numbers to create a label, so why does this app?. There might be a solution but the last email for support I sent did not get a reply for a week. So the follow up questions will probably take another week bfore I get a rpely.

It's the worst app I have used on shopify so far. Considering you get loads of tiny outfits that make great apps, why can't DHL make a decent product? Because they are not interested in it, that's why.

Evergreen Teashop

we have integrated the App DHLby DHL Paket GmbH + Vilango GmbH in our onlineshop

it works very reliable and helps us to simplify our Labeling process for parcel shipments

we can recommend this App highly

Merinopower GmbH

Easy handling and fast support from the Developer. Works without any issues and was easy to set up. But you already need an DHL account. API to the 'DHL Geschäftskundenportal' works.

studio TR

The app is easy to set up and use and does what it's supposed to do. After some initial issues we got in contact with the developer, received great and immediate support and now everything's working perfectly.

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