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25 mei 2024

We have been using this app for downloads for quite some time. They now added a new feature, allowing it to access all purchased downloads by having a special "Downloads" button within the customer accounts.

We added this feature but it wasn't working. We contacted support and William was quick in answering and solving the problem, which was caused by an another app! Absolutely amazing support. Thank you.

I can highly recommend this app to offer downloads.
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Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 26 mei 2024

Thanks so much for the review, it really means a lot! We're super happy to have gotten you up and running :) if you ever need any help, you know where to find us!

10 mei 2024

The best digital downloads app on Shopify, highly recommend. Also, the service is 11/10 (absolutely amazing)!

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25 april 2024

Amazing app and A++++++ support. William and the team are constantly updating and adding new features. We highly recommend.

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15 mei 2024

I've been searching for an app that does what Fileflare does for years (selling digital with physical products, pre orders etc) and have tried many different apps, all with varying degrees of problems. Fileflare seems like it's in a field of it's own.

The service, care and understanding of the needs of this kind of app has really been amazing, I couldn't recommend the team and this app high enough.


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Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 21 mei 2024

Thank you so much for your review! It really means a lot and I'm super happy that we got you set up in no time :D

18 juni 2024

Fileflare is an excellent digital download app. Not only can it do everything other similar apps can do. The price is absolutely fair, and you get unlimited bandwidth (for me, one of the reasons I'm switching). The best thing, however, is the support from William. All my questions were answered straight away, and missing but important function for me was implemented within a short time.

16 dagen gebruiken de app
Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 19 juni 2024

Thanks so much for the review! That's great to hear you think our prices are fair. We really stand by fair prices! If you ever need any help, just get in touch anytime :)

8 mei 2024

Unparalleled Support and Outstanding App Performance!

I've been using the DDA Fileflare Digital Download app to manage the digital goods for my business. This app has significantly streamlined how we handle our downloads, but what truly sets this app apart is the exceptional support from William Sutton.

William went above and beyond to help us set up the application, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with our existing systems. He was incredibly responsive to our queries, and whenever we faced any technical challenges, William was there to provide prompt and effective solutions.

His dedication to excellent service has not only made the technical side worry-free but also enhanced our overall operation. Thanks to his support, we can focus more on our mission rather than technical issues. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient solution for managing digital downloads. The app works flawlessly, and with William's support, you will be in great hands!

Thank you, William and the DDA Fileflare team, for your outstanding service!

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19 dagen gebruiken de app
21 maart 2024

I´m just starting with selling of digital files and I check many apps - This one is clearly the easiest way and (for me most important) have an amazing fast working support! All my issues were solved in like 1,5 hours!

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18 juni 2024

If you are selling any online product you need this app! This app has been expertly compatible with Shopify and also very beginner-friendly for someone like myself. I like how you can limit how many IP adresses a customer has to access their purchase to avoid customers sharing to one another. The customer support is also excellent and I couldn't recommend this any more, very impressed!

Dream Theme
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Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 19 juni 2024

Thanks so much for the review! I love that you found it beginner-friendly. That was one of our main goals to make it the easiest app to use :) also helping to protect your digital products! If you ever need any help, just drop us a message!

20 mei 2024

All-round brilliant experience with this app so far.

It has masses functionality that allow you to set up file downloads exactly as you want them and it all links with your Shopify store. The tracking function that can stop users from link sharing is brilliant. File downloads are quick. Linking your files to products is super easy. All of the support documentation is so helpful and is up-to-date so even if you're not a super techy person, you can follow it to set up your store/file downloads.

We had a query with one of the functions and William was amazing - he answered the query within minutes (seconds?!) and solved the issue right away. I also asked for help with how to customise the colour and position of the download buttons that are on the customer accounts and download page. I was expecting some instructions but he hopped onto the site to code it for me!! :D Wasn't expecting this and I am very grateful that he did this for me! Thanks William!!

Absolutely amazing customer service and app with no sneaky upsells or anything like that. Highly recommended for anyone who sells digital products.

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Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 21 mei 2024

You're welcome! Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm super happy that I got you set up quickly and added all your customisation the way you wanted. Always happy to help as fast as possible :D happy selling!

12 februari 2024

This app has been so great to use.
We fulfill digital orders (pdf files) with DDA and it works flawlessly.
I had some issues after importing orders from another marketplace. William saved the day within 20 minutes and fixed my issue for me! Our store is now running perfectly.
I am so impressed with this tech (not all apps are created equal, but this one is fantastic) and with the customer service (thank you, William).

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