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21 de março de 2024

I´m just starting with selling of digital files and I check many apps - This one is clearly the easiest way and (for me most important) have an amazing fast working support! All my issues were solved in like 1,5 hours!

Der Smaragd
3 meses usando o app
5 de fevereiro de 2024

I make my living selling ebooks and have for over a decade. I also managed software product managers and developers at Dell for many years. When I decided to move to Shopify finding the right platform for handling ebook delivery - both for me and my customers - was paramount.

I looked at ALL of the download apps and installed many as trials. It came down to DDA or Sky Pilot. Both are robust and both provided top notch support. In the end I went with DDA because 1) they had a critical feature that Sky Pilot lacked 2) once I understood why Sky Pilot lacked the feature it made it even clearer that DDA was a better choice for me and 3) Sky Pilot charges for bandwidth, DDA does not.

The missing feature was on-demand stamping. Sky Pilot cannot do on-demand stamping. They stamp the book and then save it for future downloads. That means 1) if your stamping changes or if you update the books you need to restamp every past sale you made and resave it. And, because Sky Pilot charges for bandwidth going to the AWS server they use, every time you have to update a book with a stamp you have to pay for bandwidth. I suspect they have bandwidth charges from Amazon they need to cover. That means that the fees they charge their customers aren't totally in their control. That's a red flag for me.

The fact that Sky Pilot's architecture choices inhibited their ability to deliver what I consider a pretty fundamental feature for digital asset sales also concerned me regarding future capabilities. If you don't need stamping, and bandwidth costs aren't a concern, Sky Pilot (or another app) may be the right choice for you. The person I worked with at Sky Pilot was very responsive and really did try to find a solution for me. They are good people. Their app, though, had insurmountable issues for me.

DDA has delivered everything I've needed (and has some things I didn't have on my list but I hope to take advantage of in the future). They continue to be incredibly responsive - always getting back to me very quickly (even when it isn't normal work hours on their end) and they have proactively followed up with me to make sure issues are resolved (seriously - when is that last time that happened?!). I have been nothing but delighted with their solution and their service. Lots of bigger companies could take lessons from them on how to turn customers in to enthusiastic fans.

So, ya, five stars - because that's the most Shopify will let me give them.

Fusing Factory
Estados Unidos
2 meses usando o app
12 de fevereiro de 2024

This app has been so great to use.
We fulfill digital orders (pdf files) with DDA and it works flawlessly.
I had some issues after importing orders from another marketplace. William saved the day within 20 minutes and fixed my issue for me! Our store is now running perfectly.
I am so impressed with this tech (not all apps are created equal, but this one is fantastic) and with the customer service (thank you, William).

Sew Modern Bags
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
17 de janeiro de 2024

I love this app. Exactly what i need for managing many digital products for sale on Shopify. Easy to use and easy to connect and easily update my files to my Shopify store. (and i really appreciate the fast and clear support).

Business Analytiq
2 meses usando o app
17 de janeiro de 2024

I used to have skypilot and customers had to log in to get their download, them they had to check their email, go back to the web page.. It was a while ordeal and the layout did not look good. Then I switched to customer hub and integrated digital downloads. Oh my god- it looks SOOOO freaking good, and the download link appears right after processed payment- inside the checkout! It's so convenient and the customer can shop as guest, too. In the customer hub all the downloads can be accessed through customer account. It's neat, organized and intuitive. Ive tried so many apps to have downloads and customer accounts, but this one has everything in one app!!

3 dias usando o app
20 de novembro de 2023

The app is great, Not many apps out there allows you to send digital files like this app. The support is also great

11 meses usando o app
1 de janeiro de 2022

Does what the box says and does it well. Would use in other stores in the future. The upgraded plans are well worth the features.

Quase 2 anos usando o app
16 de maio de 2021

Very flexible, developers very helpful and supportive. Does everything I need. Easy to use. Very good.

Rook's Press
Reino Unido
Quase 2 anos usando o app
2 de dezembro de 2021

Such a great app that has really help me expand my store! I'm moving away from physical goods to digital products and this was a Gem to find! P.s. thanks for all the technical support, it's rare to find near instant responses in this game!

Reino Unido
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
28 de agosto de 2023

Best thing ever! I am using the premium plan, and it works flawlessly.

Fast upload-download speeds, no delays in mails, easy to download from the checkout page, great customer service, customized mails etc.

If you are selling digital downloads, this is what you need!

Solin Digital
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando o app