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8 de junho de 2024

The app is very easy to use. Setting up my ebooks on it was a snap. Then there is an added section where you can then customize how many copies they can download, licenses etc. The customer service support is also very fast and very efficient.

The Neve Star Romance Shop
4 meses usando o app
3 de julho de 2024

I am not tech savvy at all. Leo was super helpful and extremely patient while he showed me and then had me do it on my own while he waited in the chat. It was late at night so it was nice to have help at this time and not have to wait til next day. Super helpful and am ready to sell digital products!

La Sirena Nail Beauty
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando o app
29 de maio de 2024

Hands down the best app for digital downloads. We sell sound libraries with a total size of over 30 GB and all works very smoothly. Besides the app itself, Leo from support quickly responds to any questions within the hour, definitely recommend this app if you are selling digital products.

Ocular Sounds
Países Baixos
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
11 de maio de 2024

Shopify App for Selling Digital License Keys: A Comprehensive Review

Developer Focus: Leo
Leo - The man, the myth, the legend. From the onset, it's clear that Leo, the developer behind this Shopify app, is not just a coder but a customer service virtuoso. His approach to support is nothing short of legendary. As a user who started on the free tier, the attention and care I received from Leo were exceptional. He was prompt in responding to inquiries, providing a level of service that made me feel valued and special—a sentiment that was deeply appreciated and somewhat reminiscent of the attention one craves as a child. Leo's remarkable support is a testament to his dedication and sets the bar high for developer interaction.

App Usability and Functionality:
When it comes to selling digital license keys, this app stands out as the premier choice on Shopify. The user interface is intuitive, making it very easy to use and understand. The responsiveness of the app is impressive—it just works seamlessly. For those concerned about the security and management of their expensive digital license keys, this app provides peace of mind with its reliable support and swift resolution of issues.

Responsibility and Reliability:
The app operates on a flawless system—it just works. The underlying principle is simple: if you encounter an issue, it's likely not the app's fault but a misstep in your setup. This isn't a flaw but a feature, steering users towards self-sufficiency and ownership of their digital storefront. It's a gentle nudge to ensure that you're fully in control, and if something seems amiss, a quick review of your own actions is usually all it takes to set things right. The app's reliability is its hallmark, providing a stable foundation for your business to thrive without unwarranted hiccups.

Room for improvement:
Customizable email, though from what I understand, it is under development.

Overall Experience:
In summary, the experience with both Leo and the app has been astounding. The app's excellence in facilitating the sale of unique license keys is unmatched, and it's the only reason why I am selling at Shopify - because this app exists here. It's not just an app; it's a comprehensive solution that enhances the Shopify experience, embodying the very reason to choose this e-commerce platform.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a Shopify app that sells digital license keys, look no further. With stellar developer support and top-notch functionality, this app is the endgame for your search. It's a shining example of what a dedicated developer and a well-crafted app can achieve together.

Love from Malaysia

Cempaka Store
2 meses usando o app
31 de maio de 2024

I've been using Digital Downloads for just over a month to send out videos to my customers who made digital purchases on my site, and it's been really great and smooth to use!

The customer support is amazing too! Theo was able to get me verified quickly and was really supportive with queries I had as well. I highly recommend this app!

Naomi Bouncy Blows
Reino Unido
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
13 de junho de 2024

Awesome and help is right there if you need it! App is simple to use and thorough, making my life so easy. Thanks so much for making Big Digital Downloads, I don't know what I would do without it! And Theo was absolutely spot on helping me out.

BackRoads Books by 21 Crows
Estados Unidos
29 dias usando o app
2 de junho de 2024

This App Amazing, Blown my mind. im loving every bit of it. Hope you all dont disappoint me, Anyway, Gotta send big love to one of the Employee, for his Support . Mateo if you reading this , Man i appreciate your kindness and friendly support. thank you very much for solving my issue. keep it up man, your the Best

Sirtech Digital
23 dias usando o app
26 de junho de 2024

I recently had the pleasure of working with Theo, who assisted me with several issues I was experiencing with their app. Theo was incredibly quick to respond and solved my problems efficiently. His professionalism and expertise made the process smooth and stress-free. I'm thoroughly impressed with both the app and the outstanding customer service. Highly recommended!

Estados Unidos
2 meses usando o app
2 de junho de 2024

Mateo really helped me with all the questions I needed. good price for the app and easy to understand/use for the most part.

Reino Unido
3 meses usando o app
2 de julho de 2024

I have waited a LONG time for this App! I'm currently in WordPress and having to add my own code to access the Vimeo link. Now it is SO EASY! Thank you!!!! ❤️

Estados Unidos
22 dias usando o app