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It started well but then suddenly stopped working. It deleted files and I was unable to upload new ones.

Galli Creative

As far as APPs go this APP is okay. It is buggy in the back end if you try and update / revise attachments, you may find yourself using Dropbox and Chimpmail to deliver revisions if you want a real confirmation that people are getting them. Also there is no record of files being sent in the customer order timeline, which I see as a major flaw -- it should show (a) that the attachments were sent and (b) that a revised copy was sent and the date sent. There is no way to even inspect a record of sent digital items.

The upside is -- it is free. But with free you get what you pay for. Also the file size limit is 5GB, much much larger than SendOwl and others who would charge a considerable sum just to send a large file for you, so in that regard, once again it is not a bad product.


Please update the download page to be responsive..

Flying Fitness

Really painful to use this app. You must set the download for each product variant. If you have 100s of variants like me, this is a real time suck. After I spent hours configuring the downloads (which I will have to redo anytime I want to make a change to it in the future), I found out that the app's default setting automatically fulfills the order in Shopify. This was a disaster to go through all the orders to track what had been fulfilled or not. If you're selling a digital-only product with only 1-2 variants, this would work. But it doesn't fit my needs.

Bead Patterns By Jaycee

This app needs to only send the download links once the customers payment has been verified. I am losing money because customer put in their credit card details and the link gets sent. I find out later that the payment did not go through but they still get the files. Some people are so dishonest.

Pepperberry Knits

I sell knit kits that include the yarn and the digital pattern. We have over 1500 sku's and most products have over 15 different color variants which means I have to upload the pattern for each variant! Not fun. Plus I have to go back into the digital download app and adjust the settings for a manual fulfillment for EACH PRODUCT! If they would make it easy to do a bulk digital download and a bulk manual setting I would give this 5 stars. Right now, it is the most time consuming part of my website.

Woodpunch Gfx

The app is fine until you realize how laughably easy it is for a fraudulent customer to scam you with this. If a digital downloads order is marked as HIGH risk of fraud, the digital downloads app does not care and auto sends the digital files no matter what. Meaning, this will likely end up with a charge-back on the order, with the fraudulent customer receiving all the files and not paying. What a joke. The app does have some protection for PayPal eChecks, but absolutely nothing for high risk of fraud orders. If this was fixed then the app would be just fine to use, but depending on the size of your store, this may cause you a big headache. FIX IT Shopify!

Snoopy Online

There should really be a way to access digital downloads via the API. The fact that there isn't a way is making my life very difficult. This should really be implemented!


Basic app, good because free and no limits, but has its internal limit.
Only a few liquid variable can be added to the mail template and that's a huge set back.

Al Flahertys Outdoor Store

The Good
Simple interface, ideal for attaching pdf instruction manuals or rebates to products.

The Bad
No customization
No sorting options
No way to purge items from the list without editing individual products and removing their associated files
After adding a digital attachment to a product you must refresh the page to change the settings on how that digital file is delivered. There is no way to configure default settings to apply to all products you carry.
If you use SmartVendor-Shopify E360 removing products with smartvendor breaks the list and leaves phantom entries. There is no way to remove these entries. We are looking at completely removing the app and reinstalling it to try to fix/simplify the list.
When we asked about future development we were referred on to a $40/month product that does not work well with stores that have a large number of sku's. We have 4000+ so it would not have worked for us.
No way to attach files to a parent item and all it's sub-variants. Even if all variants use the same file they must all be added individually.

This is all disappointing. The app has a huge potential as an improvement in the system but Shopify seems to be more interested in farming it out to third party developers.

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