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Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

Developed by Shopify

168 reviews
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  • Add digital assets to your products
  • Customers get access to content instantly
  • Product updates are automatically forwarded to customers

Shopify's Digital Downloads app is a free, easy to use app that allows you to offer digital products in your Shopify store.

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  • Digital attachments are linked to a variant on a particular product

  • Mix and match a product to have physical and digital products

  • Your customers get a direct download after checkout, and an emailed link

  • Set download limits as needed.

Digital Downloads reviews

168 reviews
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No problems really, I just strongly wish there was an option to attach more than one file per product. Some of my products (digital scrapbooking downloads) can be up to 300MB and customers with bad connections have trouble downloading files that large.


Over 2 years of digital downloads and so far this app has worked perfectly and its free.


Great app! But there needs to be a way to limit individual customer downloads. Pleas make this update!!!!!!


I sell knit kits that include the yarn and the digital pattern. We have over 1500 sku's and most products have over 15 different color variants which means I have to upload the pattern for each variant! Not fun. Plus I have to go back into the digital download app and adjust the settings for a manual fulfillment for EACH PRODUCT! If they would make it easy to do a bulk digital download and a bulk manual setting I would give this 5 stars. Right now, it is the most time consuming part of my website.


Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks


Shame that it is impossible to obtain a real customer IP
instead of internal. In case of fraud, such IP cannot be used as evidence, unfortunately, small thing but very important. Everything else works without issue.


Thank you for this! This has enabled me to sell my music digitally online!. One complaint I have received from a customer though, is that there is a popup advert after paying for a product with Digital Download, and the download page. Not sure if this is the app or if this is a shopify thing?


The app is fine until you realize how laughably easy it is for a fraudulent customer to scam you with this. If a digital downloads order is marked as HIGH risk of fraud, the digital downloads app does not care and auto sends the digital files no matter what. Meaning, this will likely end up with a charge-back on the order, with the fraudulent customer receiving all the files and not paying. What a joke. The app does have some protection for PayPal eChecks, but absolutely nothing for high risk of fraud orders. If this was fixed then the app would be just fine to use, but depending on the size of your store, this may cause you a big headache. FIX IT Shopify!


Great App. Cant recommend enough.


Its free. Ok. Does what it says on the tin. I have used for over a year with great results. Can track downloads and see who has downloaded what, but it is a bit clunky. Would love improved tracking and analysis. Neater layout options for non technical person would also help.


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