Passwordless Social Login

Passwordless Social Login

Dimension Software

Fastest, most secure way for customers to log in to your store

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Speedy Logins

Unify Login & Sign-Up, lock down security and increase customer conversions with Passwordless Authentication + Social Login!

Rad Customizations

Fully customizable UI to perfectly reflect your brand identity! iOS & Android native mobile app support, too.

Easy Install

Automatic, simple installation within minutes! We’re happy to do it for you and help style everything to your brand standards.

Passwordless Social Login 정보

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We gladly localize Passwordless with purchase of any paid plan!

Passwordless Login + Social + Native Mobile Apps

Dimension Passwordless Login + Social unifies Login & Sign-Up into a single action. No more wasting time trying to remember pesky passwords or the street name where your very first kiss happened. Simply use any email address, match the temporary security code on the email we send you and click the ‘Login’ link. That easy! We also offer a Social Login option with our Elite package and full-on Native Mobile App support with example code. Make a memorable first impression that retains current customers and locks in new ones with our easy, breezy welcoming login.

Free Plan

No, not a trial – it’s free forever. This plan offers the basic passwordless authentication package.

PRO Plan

Your store’s brand identity sets it apart from others – so should your welcome login box. Fully customize the background with light or dark options, match the CTA buttons with your color theme and proudly display your logo. There's even a spot for your company name. Show your customers security and user-experience is the core foundation of your business.


Everything with PRO Plan + Social Login with major social networks and 24/7 technical support:

  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn

With the ELITE Plan we also offer enhanced Geo-location Security, API access, completely custom emails, automatic user import (for migrations to Shopify from existing systems) and designers to help custom style everything to your brand standards. This package is for most serious Shopify stores.


Everything from PRO & ELITE Plans and Native Mobile App support for both iOS & Android with Push Notifications! Sample open-source code examples in React Native / Expo and access to our solid Engineers, too. Yes, it's true.

Happy to Help!

We are a tight-knit team of Shopify Pro engineers and design wizards so if you need anything specific - unique customizations, setup help, single sign-on (SSO), integration with WordPress & Joomla, etc. – let us know, we are happy to help.


  • Twitter,
  • Google,
  • LinkedIn,
  • iOS,
  • Android,
  • Custom Apps

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  • Passwordless Login
  • Installation Setup



  • Passwordless Login
  • Name & Logo
  • Brand Color Theme



  • PRO Features
  • Social Logins
  • Geo Location Security
  • Automagic User Importation
  • Completely Custom Emails
  • API Access
  • 24/7 Support



  • PRO Features
  • ELITE Features
  • iOS & Android App
  • Push Notifications
  • Access to our Engineers
  • Open Source Example Integration

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가장 최근 리뷰

Semaine Health

This app is just so insanely good ... I don't know how/why everyone isn't using it. Passwords suck, going passwordless is awesome. Simple as that. Saves your customers pain and suffering, and you hours of customer service. I want everyone to use this, and want the Shopify team to buy them so that this is a native part of every Shopify store.

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 8일

Thank you and we agree! Sharp-looking store...


Great work and excellent assistance by Keith and the team who were there to help adjusting the app to our platform!

개발자 회신

2021년 6월 29일

Glad to help and excited to know your customers are delighted with the Paswordless flow. Cheers!

Bower Collective

We had some initial difficulties with our custom requirements but Keith and the team went the extra mile to help us, even jumped on a Zoom call to go through the process. Really appreciated, very cool app (especially the flexibility offered by the API) and will be invaluable for our customers. Thanks again chaps!

개발자 회신

2021년 6월 29일

Thank YOU for the kudos and glad your customers are loving the Passwordless Authentication flow!