Directed Edge Recommender , 25 則評價

  • 68% 的評分為 5 顆星
  • 12% 的評分為 4 顆星
  • 4% 的評分為 3 顆星
  • 8% 的評分為 2 顆星
  • 8% 的評分為 1 顆星



Shouldn't a recommendations app be using the following information to make suggestions?

- which collection the product is in
- which vendor makes the product
- viewing history of the specific customer
- overall viewing patterns

As far as I can tell, this app mainly uses purchase history, which isn't very helpful in a new store.

The app supports CUSTOM collections, but not SMART collections, which is how we power all our categories.

Holding off judgment for a few more months while our order history builds.

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