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21. juni 2024

I'm new here, but I am so grateful for this app! I'd designed so much and was worried about copycats before. You all set my mind at ease, and I'm ready to launch.

Lead Lady Couture
7 måneder bruger appen
4. april 2024

Easy set up. Followed the prompts to install. So far so good! No more copying our images to create fake Amazon listings of our patented product!

3 måneder bruger appen
11. maj 2024

I love the app as they are willing to guild and put you through every necessary steps to get your task done thanks.

Chirag Pandya
14 dage bruger appen
11. april 2024

Very good app and easy to use. Couple of steps and it really protects your images and text

Bundles By Ada
Cirka en måned bruger appen
13. maj 2024

Completely free and very handy so people won't steal content or text.
Im happy

Holland (Nederlandene)
Cirka 22 timer bruger appen
12. april 2024

just installed it,but its seems that it protect the site well

2 dage bruger appen
25. februar 2024

Really awesome! I'm new to Shopify and I was a little confused since there is an offer (to buy a theme for $250) at the top of the installation page. You just scroll down, and click the "Customize App" button - there's nothing to buy and it works like a champ.

Aaron Miller Photography
5 dage bruger appen
8. maj 2024

WORKS PERFECTLY! If it stills free, i'm pretty you guys will last forever. Very much easy to install *might have taken me like 1 or 2 minutes, some 10 clicks or so).
5 stars for sure.

TIP: despite being easy, there should be an quick tutorial on video. 100% sure most of new customers would feel satisfied. Its easy for a veteran, but every tiny detail about building a whole new website and brand looks scary for new beginners.

Thanks for the app.

7 minutter bruger appen
2. marts 2024

It just works and it is free! What else can you ask for?

G.O.A.T. Electronics
Holland (Nederlandene)
Cirka en måned bruger appen
9. februar 2024

Does exactly what it says. Super easy to get working too. Thanks.

Pretty Odd Jewellery
3 måneder bruger appen