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20. august 2023

At first it worked, but now after I tried the new version of Dawn Theme (but not publieshed) it doesn't work anymore.

2 måneder bruger appen
Impress svarede 22. august 2023

Hi FotoCastrini! Once you publish, Disable Right Click will install itself on the new theme in less than a minute. We have specific functionality built to handle this case.

Please reach out if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help! Thanks!

Redigeret 1. maj 2019

Was looking for good solution so long !!
this is all what i wanted in one click !
thank you so much !
worth every penny and no more thieves .

slow website loading , and when their server is down website take forever to load ! very bad !

The Best Manuals Online
6 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 9. maj 2020

i just want to delete your app but when i do the advertisment is still apppearing on the store !!!

Abdos Warrior
2 dage bruger appen
Impress svarede 16. maj 2020

Hi, this is fixed as of 5/16/2020. Explanation below. (This only applies to users on the free plan. Stores on Pro don't get ads.)

I removed our cache layer and added high-performance servers, so now any changes to your settings (including uninstalls) will be instantly visible on your store.

Before today, the way it worked was once you uninstalled, the ad would instantly goes away for new visitors but old visitors would continue seeing it, since browsers cached the advertisement javascript. This was the source of a lot of confusion (and bad reviews, unfortunately).

Hope this helps!

Redigeret 14. april 2021

An ad is placed on your page that is impossible to get rid of. Unless you buy the pro version. Even when I have removed the app, this ad will remain. Please remove from my site! After this I get an email. Thanks for the help!

Holland (Nederlandene)
Cirka 10 timer bruger appen
Impress svarede 13. april 2021

Hi, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Sorry to hear you had a negative experience.

Could you clear your browser cache and reload? Usually the explanation is your browser is showing an old (cached) version of your store.

Our ad removal should be instant, but since we rely on a webhook from Shopify to know when you uninstall, it may take up to 30s for DRC to get the notice. (Alternatively, you can follow the instructions we email, to instantly remove DRC from your theme.)

And as always, we’re available to help if the above does not resolve the issue -

Redigeret 13. oktober 2020

It is an app that has been recommended to me but the truth is that it does not work. I have tried activating and deactivating the options and I have even tried viewing the web on different devices and in all of them I can download images and copy texts.

Cocina Zen
Cirka en time bruger appen
Impress svarede 13. oktober 2020

Hi, thanks for the review! It looks like you uninstalled the app. If you reinstall, please send us an email and we'll figure out what's going on. Thanks!

6. august 2018

disable screen shot does not work

Catwa Deals
17 minutter bruger appen
25. juli 2019

Installed app, enabled, refreshed homepage, tried right-clicking, works!
Notice banner ad in the bottom-right corner linking to their app. UNINSTALLED.

4 minutter bruger appen
Impress svarede 25. juli 2019

Oh no! Please be sure to clear your browser’s cache. If you need any help with this we’d be happy to provide it.

And remember, to start your 30 day ad-free trial, click “upgrade” on our admin panel. If you cancel any time during this period, we won’t bill you.

If you decide to reinstall please let us know — we’d like to help!