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Best-Selling Products Sorting Disabler

Best-Selling Products Sorting Disabler

Developed by APPSYL.COM - Apps You Love

11 reviews
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  • A MUST-HAVE APP for all AliExpress dropshipping sellers and other ecommerce store owner
  • Protect your best-selling products from other sellers and dropshippers by disabling the best-sellers menu
  • Super simple - secure your bestsellers with one-click, just install the app and activate it

Use the "Disable Shopify Best-Sellers" app to remove the bestselling products sorting function from your ecommerce store!

This app is an absolute "must have" for any store owner, and especially for AliExpress dropshipping users!


Why should you protect your best-sellers?

As a fellow store owner, I had a big problem: I did not want my competitors to be able to steal my best selling products!

These are the most valuable items of any store. As a store owner, you need to avoid other people just copying what works for you. But the problem is that this information is available on any store! With a simple sorting of the products, anyone can see what products are selling well for you ... unfortunately, this enables your competitors to use this information against you and piggyback on your successful offers.

But fear not, because now we can STOP them!

How can I stop my competitors from copying my bestsellers?

Very simple! Install this app by clicking on the green button on the right side of this page. Then activate the app in your admin panel. Once activated, the dropdown menu on your shop that allows the sorting of your products no longer has the option to sort by the bestselling products! In addition, this script also disables the functionality if someone is trying to be clever and use the "?sort_by=best-selling" parameter by typing in the URL directly.

This is the ultimate way to protect your products from the prying eyese of your competitors!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

Best-Selling Products Sorting Disabler reviews

11 reviews
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It does exactly what it promises. Support was also great in resolving an issue with my theme.


I appreciate this app. Since there is no restrictions that prevents those people from copying your best selling product, I can now hide it! Great job for this app!


It's not bad to make a secret sometimes :) I really love this app! Now, my competitors will not know my best selling products and they can no longer copy it. I already installed this app and it's very easy. I was amazed that you guys came up with this great idea. You guys are the best!


Works, even if someone disables javascript for your website. Thanks!


just started using it today but will return once I see change.


I do suggest this app to any dropshipper to safe the store.
It was very easy to install and set up. It does not need to change any code.


We truly recommend this app to everyone!

This App helps us to safe our store from other sellers!

We stop "hijackers" immediately and no one can really see how much we actually sell :-)

Was very easy to install!

Appreciate this, thank you guys! Well done


Good one!

I really do suggest this app to any seller.
Nowadays the competition spies like crazy

Everybody wants to copy your best sellers

Very easy to install and very helpful. Thank you guys!


this is awesome! very helpful

no more "spy attacks" :-) from other sellers!

Was very easy to install and do not need to change any code.

I can highly recommend!


great App! No more code editing, very easy to handle

competition does not like it so much, but we do ;-)

definitely recommendable

$0.99 / month
7 days

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