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11 mai 2023

We installed this app to create the offer of spending a certain amount and getting a product for free, automatically added at checkout. This was perfect for this. The free product can either be added automatically or manually with a pop-up.

WOW Toys
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 5 jours
WizzCommerce a répondu 18 mai 2023

Hi WOW Toys,
We really appreciate you for taking the time to share your feedback on our service. Feedback like yours elated us and makes all our diligent team's effort worthwhile!

We are looking forward to seeing your business grow even more with the app!

All the best!

6 mars 2023

SImple yet effective app with great support.

At first the app seems to mirror the Shopify discount section features. One distinct feature of this app is that if you want to be able to provide a product Y as free gift when product X is added to the cart, in Shopify alone, both the products X & Y would have to be selected and 100% is then applied to product Y. With BOGO+, product Y is assigned in the app so only product X is required to be added to the cart for product Y to automatically be added too. A simple but necessary shortcut.

There is an option in the campaign to limit showing it to certain customers if a Shopify Tag is selected against those customers. The drawback of this feature is that it is not really useful on its own. The app also needs the feature added that adds a Tag to the customer AFTER a successful purchase via the campaign so that this tag is then used when the customer is returning, to perhaps incorrectly take advantage of the campaign that might have been set up as a one-time Free gift offer to every customer. The creation of the feature to add a Tag of your choice on purchase to the customer would then restrict the campaign being shown a second time to the same customers (if required).

Daniel, please can you add this feature, where the app would then get 5 stars from us at Onlinetoner.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 8 mois
WizzCommerce a répondu 9 mars 2023

Hi Onlinetoner,
Thank you for choosing our app and for your feedback. We are grateful that our support could be of service to your business. We certainly add your request to our wishlist and develop it in the near future.
We hope to see you around & always wish you the very best!

9 décembre 2022

Good app. Mobile pop up could be better. Hard to scroll down when you have multiple choices. Should be able to adjust size of pop up

Boutique Essaim
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 14 jours
WizzCommerce a répondu 11 décembre 2022

Hi Boutique Essaim,

Thank you so much for your review! Your feedback greatly motivates us to develop our app better. Can't wait to see you grow with our app even more!


29 novembre 2022

Je viens d'installer l'appli, elle est simple et facile à manipuler et l'équipe support est rapide et efficace.

La Maison KalosCo.
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 15 heures
WizzCommerce a répondu 29 novembre 2022

Salut La Maison KalosCo.

Merci d'avoir choisi notre application et de nous avoir fait confiance. Nous sommes reconnaissants que notre soutien puisse rendre service à votre entreprise.

Nous vous souhaitons le meilleur!

16 novembre 2022

Every single problem i had was solved and by different peolple. Also i wanted a customization and it was done!

Prime Bedding
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 2 mois
WizzCommerce a répondu 20 novembre 2022

Hi Prime Bedding,

Thank you for choosing our app and for putting your trust in us. We are grateful that our support could be of service to your business.
Your generous words keep us motivated and help us continue to deliver great support seamlessly. We are here anytime you need!

All the best!