Discount Assistant Bar

Discount Assistant Bar


Automatically display and calculate store discount information

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Automatically display discount

No need to manually display automatic discount information on the client. Saving time and manpower.

Caculate discount

Automatically calculate how to get discounts for customers. Make shopping easier.

Increase sales

Provide a convenient way for customers to find discount products. Increase sales

Discount Assistant Bar 정보

About Discount Assistant Bar

Automatically display store discounts

  • Display the store's automatic discount on the client. Such as "$20 off $100!"
  • No need manually display automatic discount information on the client. Saving time and manpower.

Calculate how to get discounts for customers

  • The displayed content changes according to the customer’s shopping cart.
  • When the customer purchases a certain amount of products, it will automatically show how much they need to buy to get the discount. Such as "By another $20 to get $10 off!"
  • Make it easier for customers to get discounts to increase sales.

Display access path to discounted products

  • When only some products in your store are on sale, it will provide access to these products.
  • Customers can find discounted products more easily.

Follow the currency type of the store

  • When your store has set a multi-currency switch, it will display discount information according to the currency selected by the customer.

Support custom style

  • Multiple themes to choose. You can choose the theme that suits your store for this plugin.
  • You can also fine-tune the style.

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No orders per month for free, and then charge according to the order quantity starting from $2.99.

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가장 최근 리뷰

Art of Diamond Painting

Very simple and straightforward app. The discount assistant bar is a must to help generate revenue and promotes customers to meet the average order goal.

개발자 회신

2021년 11월 29일

Thank you so much for your review, we are very happy to help you increase your store’s revenue.

Art of Paint by Numbers

I needed a plug-in to upscale my sales and this was a great addition to my Shopify store!
Great app and easy to use!
Thank you for a user friendly app

Just Paint by Numbers UK

Functionally good application. When scrolling, the page is always shown at the top, which is very convenient. The support responds immediately. Would like a fixed cost per month.