KartDiscount ‑ Black Friday

KartDiscount ‑ Black Friday

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Features: Stack Discount, Multiple Automatic Discount & Popups

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'Add to Cart' but no Sales?

Customers adding to cart but no sales?Increase your conversion rate by showing customers field to enter discount code on cart page.

Maximize your marketing effort

Do you provide coupon with marketing campaign? But what if customer don't see option to apply coupon on cart page?

Stack Discount

Allow customers to apply multiple discount on single order. Give 10% off on Jeans and 5% off on Shoe, both at same time.

À propos de KartDiscount ‑ Black Friday


  1. Show Discount Field on Cart Page and Side Drawer.
  2. Stack Multiple Discount on Single Order. Example: 1 Automatic Discount + 1 Coupon code discount Example: 5% off on jeans, and 10% off on shoe if customer has both jeans and shoe in cart

  3. Discount Combination: Generate combined discount codes, that will be equal to applying 2 discount codes in stack, just like the above point. However, you can give away only one code in your marketing campaigns. When your customers apply that code, they get 2 benefits same like the above example.

  4. Automatic Discount: Add multiple automatic discounts, enabled at the same time unlike Shopify's automatic which allows only 1 automatic discount as a time.

  5. Popups: Show beautiful popups on your website with single click.

  6. Collect emails from customers, in exchange for Discount Code.

  7. Integration with 3rd Party Apps and Customisations.

  8. Free Multi-Currency Widget ( Sell in any currency now )

  9. Discount Finder: Allow your customers to find discounts easily based on cart value and items in cart. In fact they will know how much they need to add to cart

Why show discount field on cart page?

  • Applying discount early, increases the conversion rate.
  • You are losing sales because customers might wonder, where is an option to apply the discount?
  • 2/3rd of customers do not even reach the checkout page.

Discounts and coupons are one of the major key ingredients which make your sales and are an important part of your marketing efforts. KartDiscounts app let your customers apply discount offers on the cart page.

Help! I Have Lots of 'Add to Carts' but No Sales!

Have you ever wondered, How many sales/customers you are loosing between "Add to cart" and "Checkout Page"? If you will check those numbers, you will be amazed to know that most of the customers who add products to cart do not actually check out. Giving your customers an option to apply the discount on the cart page, promotes sales and reduces cart abandonment.

Customer searching for the discount field, before clicking on checkout!

Imagine a customer having a discount coupon, and you are asking to click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button, when he is looking to apply the discount first. All your customers do not know that the discount is applied on the checkout page, give them the option to apply a discount on cart page itself.

Heroic Support, Whenever you need!

We are always here to help you with issues, installation, customizations and everything else. Support is provided via Live Chat, Email Tickets and on Call. So, you will never have to wait for days to get a response.

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For Basic Shopify

$4.90 par mois

  • For Basic Shopify and Shopify Plan
  • Discount Field on Cart Page
  • Discount Field in Drawer
  • Default Design of Discount Field
  • 1 Discount Popup

For Advanced

$8.90 par mois

  • Only For Shopify Advanced Plan
  • Everything in Basic Plan
  • 5 Discount Popup Styles
  • Multi-Currency Addon

For Shopify Plus

$13.90 par mois

  • Only For Shopify Plus Plan
  • Everything in Advanced Plan
  • 11 Discount Popup Styles
  • Collect email in exchange of a coupon
  • Discount Finder

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The team helped us to fix a complicated bug that was causing a big issue with currency conversion in our checkout.

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Great app and very helpful support with a live chat. Whenever there is a problem or you need a theme update, they are always quick to fix the app or set it up.

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