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Great App and works as advertised!
The live chat support is much appreciated and has done a great job for answering the questions regarding the app and technicalities !
24分钟 人在使用应用

very difficult to use doesn't work..................................................................

大约1小时 人在使用应用
Autoketing已回复 2019年11月21日

Thanks for your feedback. We are very sorry for the error.
We sent you an email to support and solve the issue.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Kind regards
Autoketing team


GREAT PRODUCT except the countdown timer doesn't work on my site. I used the instruction but it still doesnt show up. Please send help.

Myprotein Brunei
35分钟 人在使用应用
Autoketing已回复 2021年8月31日

Thanks for your feedback. We will check the issue and respond to you as soon as possible via email.



I installed the app but to test it I had to agree to be billed for it so I installed it approved billing tried a code it didnt work for what i needed and promptly uninstalled it the same day yet they charged me for it because of this. They refuse to refund me because I tested a code on it. Pathetic and not good business. Dont install.

Beary Nice NZ
34分钟 人在使用应用

I can see how this would be good for providing a discount for a product, but not for issuing discounts based on quantities of product. For example, I want to offer a discount only when a customer purchases 3 of a single item. I may try again later with the app, but right now, I do not think it meets my needs.

Sweet Apricity
17分钟 人在使用应用
Autoketing已回复 2019年5月12日

Dear Sweet Apricity,

Thank you for your great review, If you have any problem please let us know via email: or live chat in dashboard.

Autoketing team.


The plugin its almost good, but I can't set a discount for a quantity, like above 5 items 10% ... unfortunelly ☹️

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Autoketing已回复 2020年6月23日

Thanks for your review. Autoketing would like to express our excuse for the fact that we haven't launched the feature yet. The team is working hard to bring all the best experience for users.
Please wait for it!

Your friend,
Autoketing Team.


It doesn't work. Can't even implement one discount without a save error. Also tried to message them, no reply.

Studio Cakes
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Autoketing已回复 2022年4月12日

We're very sorry for the late reply. Your message came when we had a break time at noon. The save issue may be from the setting, not a bug.
We have sent a message to you on Instagram. Please give us one more chance to support you.



it's shit no guidance and didn't work. 2 tries only how do you expect people to want to but it before it works?

14分钟 人在使用应用

It does not allow you to implement minimum quantities for discounts. It's largely useless, and not a replacement to automatic discount rules as advertised. It's terrible that Shopify only allows one automatic discount.

The Great Beyond
8分钟 人在使用应用
Autoketing已回复 2022年1月26日

We're sorry that our app doesn't have the feature you need. You can try Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app.
We will try to improve our app in the next version.

Thanks a lot


I tried to use it to do a buy x get y automatic discount and it did not have that feature.

Also with the options for products it did not provide an option to select individual variants of products. I have a set collection of colors with different discounts I want applied based on the product size variants and that is not possible.

I do give them kudos for offering an option with unlimited time but limited options. I have a basic store that has little traffic and am frustrated there are almost no add on apps that offer a small starting up store cheap/free options with triple digit and less clicks/sales. This doesn't quite fit that but at least it is something.

10分钟 人在使用应用
Autoketing已回复 2019年5月31日

Dear Ecoglitter,

Sorry to hear that!, we understand your problem, I will discuss with our tech to give solutions to your problem, We think we will have a solution for your problem, we will contact you soon. Please let me know if you have any problem via email

Thank a lot!