Discount Mixer Stack Discounts

Discount Mixer Stack Discounts

od OneTeam AI

Stack, Combine, Set tiers and maximum discount

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Setup and Convert in Minutes

Discount on the Cart page to increase conversion. Over 95% of the stores breeze through the no-code setup. FREE setup and design available.

Complete Discount Solution

Our proprietary engine integrates with Shopify discounts and goes beyond to support features that are not possible with Shopify discounts.

Boost Sales with Discounts

Improve conversion and increase total order value by showing your customers deals easily with smart coupon book and announcement bar.

Podrobnosti o Discount Mixer Stack Discounts

The only app that works with Shopify discounts also supports enhanced features that Shopify discounts don't have.

What does this mean to you?

You can stack existing Shopify discounts created by you or apps like Klaviyo without any configuration. In addition, create discounts with the maximum discount amount, tiered volume discounts, schedule automatic discounts for storewide sales, stack manual, and automatic discounts.

Support Shopify discounts

Visual promotions

  • Smart coupon book shows available discounts for each product
  • Announcement bar

Stackable discounts

Mix and match any number of discounts, whether it's automatic or discount code, fixed amount, percentage, or BOGO.

  • Sitewide flash sale while keeping existing discounts valid. Instead of updating sales prices for every product, create an automatic flash sale discount. Discount will be applied on the Cart page automatically, and all existing discounts can still be combined.
  • Special discounts for brand ambassadors and loyal customers. Create discount codes for your brand ambassadors and loyal customers. They can combine their code with other stackable discounts. At the same time, you can limit the discounts that should not be combined by putting them into exclusive groups. For example, multiple ambassadors codes cannot be combined.

Tiered discounts and Volume discounts

  • Spend $100 to get $10 off, spend $200 to get $20 off, and spend $300 to get $30 off
  • Buy 5 items to get 5% off, buy 10 items to get 10% off, and buy 20 items to get 20% off.

Discounts with limits.

Limit the amount or percentage of discount to protect your bottom line.

  • Set max amount per discount
  • Limit number of discounts, maximum percentage, and maximum amount per order

Easy to use

  • No coding is needed. No theme modification. Clean uninstall.
  • Point-and-click to customize the look and feel.
  • Use your language and currency

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Free plan


  • All features are included
  • Free for up to 10 discount applications per month

Basic plan


  • All features are included
  • $9.95/month for up to 200 discount applications

Plus plan


  • All features are included
  • $19.95/month for up to 1000 discount applications

Ultimate plan


  • All features are included
  • $29.95/month for unlimited discount applications

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5.0 z pěti hvězd

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Nejnovější recenze

Venba Fragrance

Great app, which solves the major Shopify gap on not letting stores stack discounts. I had a monitor roadblock during the trial and the developer jumped on a quick call and clarified all my questions. It would be great if the app could automatically map the Shopify discount codes onto the App. Currently will have to do this step manually. Store -

Odpověď vývojáře

30. září 2021

Thank you for your kind review! I am glad you chose us after evaluating many other apps. We always strive to meet your requirements.

For the record, the Discount mixer does automatically map Shopify discounts. The feature you were looking for is to specify which Shopify discounts are stackable and which ones are not. We are working on that and will info you when that feature is ready.


Extremely easy to use! Quick responses to questions and very helpful in solving problems. Definitely recommend!

Paradise Planner Co.

Seriously the easiest discount app I've used! Super user friendly and I had everything set up in minutes. There doesn't seem to be any weird limitations or restrictions and customers can checkout smoothly (unlike every other discount app I've used). This app also doesn't mess with your theme. I wish I found it sooner! The only complaint I have is that it would be great for customers to have the ability to see the discount on the product page before adding to cart. But it's a great price and a stress-free way to get the job done.

Odpověď vývojáře

24. srpen 2021

Thank you! Reviews like yours drive us to make the Discount Mixer app better while keeping the price low. We had delivered over 30 new customer-requested features since launch a couple of months ago. We've added your feature request to the list and will reach out to you for more details when we pick it up.