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Discount Spinner

Discount Spinner

Developed by Kodo Bites

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  • Increase your data capture for future marketing!
  • Increase your conversion rate!
  • Increase your engagement rate!

What is it?

Traditional pop ups are in decline as they are seen as annoying and offer very little to prospects in exchange for their email addresses. Email addresses are now seen as a digital currency so prospects are even more reluctant to give them away. That’s why we created ‘Spin and Win’ an interactive email capture app which moves away from the annoying traditional pop up by offering an element of fun, gamification and the opportunity to win a prize.

Psychology tell us that if you make a prospect feel special they are more likely to engage and make a purchase. So rather than just give away codes we allow them the opportunity to potentially win, this changes the perception and becomes more appealing to your prospect.

By offering your prospects discount codes whilst they are on your site you are increasing your overall conversation rate.

Discount Spinner works great - our clients already collected over 7000 subscriptions!

We want you to be able to customize every detail in your spinner, that's why we created new features:

  • Now you are able to set in which pages you would like the Spinner to show up!

  • Now spinner gives you full control over all colors so you can design it to match your website!

  • The Christmas theme now is available to use! Try it out here!

Click here for a live demo

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Discount Spinning App responsive? Yes, it is fully responsive. It looks great on any device.

  • Does it work on mobile intent? Yes, it works also on mobile.

  • Is Discount Spinning App compatible with all Shopify themes? Yes, it works with all themes.
  • How can I export the mails? It can be exported to CSV file manually with a click of a button.
  • Can I change the colours/texts? Yes, you can customise the Discount Spinning App to reflect your web-shop look.
  • If a user visits my store again, will he see Discount Spinning App again? No, you have a cookie duration setting and can enter the duration you wish.

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Horrible CSS. My text in the spinner goes out of the boundaries


App has bugs and I have had no support at all. I sent several emails without and received no feedback at all. Dissapointed!

$5.00 / month
7 days

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