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2. Dezember 2023

Been with this app for over a year now. There is good and bad.

First the pros: 1) This app is several apps rolled into one. 2) Lots of promos to choose from. 2) Affordable. 3) Customizable. 4) Help desk is around for basic issues. 5) Help desk will get back to you timely, even when they are "not online", again for basic issues.

Now the Bad: 1) Not user friendly to install. You will need help and they will charge you for it. Our theme just updated causing me to loose my "Dynamic Pricing" features and I have spent 2 hours trying to reinstall it myself, but can not get it work properly. Help desk that handles this is only available M-F to do this, so no matter what I have to wait and will have to pay to have this done every time I have a new theme update come through. 2) Next, some of the promos do not work the way you think they do. Their verbiage can be very confusing and misleading. Limits do not work correctly based on how they have explained it. Caused us to loose out on more sales. 3) On the busiest day of the year, on BF, they had a coding error in one of their promo features, which caused it to malfunction and freeze our site. Took them all day to fix it. I get it, stuff happens, but should not be happening on the busiest day of the year. 4) Unless you are in front of your computer when you need to do an update or change a promo on the fly, you are out of luck. This app is not compatible with a tablet or a mobile device.

If you are tech savvy , know coding and can decode what it is they are trying to say in all their parameters, then this is a good app to be on. But, if you are a newbie and need something simple and easy to just get the job done, I do not recommend. I fall in the middle of the two and I am just really frustrated with all that has gone wrong in the past several days with this app.

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8 monate mit der App
Discount Ninja hat geantwortet 31. März 2024

Thank you for taking the time to share your detailed feedback with us. We appreciate your loyalty and the opportunity to address your concerns.

We're glad to hear that you find Discount Ninja's versatility, affordability, and customization options beneficial. Additionally, we're committed to providing responsive support for any issues you encounter.

However, we're sorry to hear about the challenges you've encountered with installation, promo functionality, and the incident on Black Friday which we had the opportunity to discuss with you on a call. We understand your frustration, and we're continuously working to improve our app to make it as intuitive as possible.

We've taken note of your feedback and have introduced clearer verbiage in the app in the past few months.

We truly value your feedback as it helps us identify areas for improvement. If you have any further concerns or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help.

12. Oktober 2022

Apps is great doing 90% what we wanted to do.
But get trick / annoyed, It doesn't support Shopify POS, but when you search on shopify app store, when I check only support POS it show up as an ad.............. It's very confusing.

Life Nutrition
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
Discount Ninja hat geantwortet 29. Oktober 2022

Sorry to hear that your experience installing the app was confusing.
Discount Ninja can indeed not be used to discount products via Shopify POS.
This is documented in the FAQ section on this page.

We work hard to include as many features as possible in Discount Ninja and appreciate your constructive feedback.
We hope to earn your 5-star review soon!

6. August 2021

This app has helped me a lot with mixing multiple discounts. But there is a big issue with tracking the order. My google analytics can not track the order which is discount by Ninja at all, even I followed discount Ninja official solution.

9 monate mit der App
Discount Ninja hat geantwortet 24. November 2021

Happy to report that this limitation is now (as of February 2023) a thing of the past. Discount Ninja uses native Shopify Functions to discount the checkout, which ensures you have access to a completely standard checkout experience, including Google Analytics tracking. Please contact us at if you would like to start a new trial.

Bearbeitet am 13. November 2018

Simple to use, but not simple to install, however, they can set it up for you which is good. Good support. Didn't do what I needed it to. But does what it does well.

Now that Shopify have brought in BOGOF this app is even less useful than it was before and we uninstalled it. We can just share the discount link that Shopify provide if we don't want to show the discount on the page.

Also, the fact that it effected the scrolling ability and also that it doesn't load dynamic pricing on the collections page is a not positive.

It's a shame, because this app has a lot of potential but it is far too limited in the discount structures that it offers. IT needs to include BOGOF combined with minimum spend to be useful.

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7 monate mit der App
Discount Ninja hat geantwortet 10. Januar 2020

Hi there, thanks for your review!
I wanted to let you know that we've released an major update of the app a few months ago which includes the feedback we've received from our customers, including your feedback.

The new version of the app includes, among other things:
- Cart rules: trigger promotions based on minimum spend or cart content
- BOGO and BXGY promotions
- Free gift with promotions
and much, much more...

10. Juli 2023

Just like a similar review put it, we really wanted to love this app but we just couldn't get this app to function properly. I'm envious of the stores that were able to use Discount Ninja with no problems. We tried for 3 months but it just wasn't worth it.

Our biggest issue was trying to get Discount Ninja to work with our cart (Rebuy) as well as Shopify Scripts we had live for shipping. It took about a month or more to get a lot of the issues ironed out. When Discount Ninja was live on our site, we constantly had issues with discounts not showing in the cart, prices reflecting incorrectly, the subtotal in our cart would render 25 more subtotals on the cart, free gifts showing on multiple products when it should only be one, the app editing prices on our orders after it was placed, our console was riddled with 50+ errors all coming from Discount Ninja, not to mention it slowed our cart down to where it was embarrassingly slow.

At first Customer Service were all extremely helpful and willing to help resolve these issues, but towards the end it felt like the simply got annoyed with us reaching out and a lot of the times we would be told "We can't reproduce this issue" or "this is an issue with Rebuy."

I talked with Rebuy and I'm 100% confident its not on their end. I am the web developer for our store and I could see that each issue we ran into was with Discount Ninja.

We missed out on tons of money during sales, with promotions not working properly, free gifts and add ons not showing the correct discounted price, by customers abandoning their cart due to prices being incorrect or cart being too slow, etc. Not to mention the manpower that was put into this app daily, trying to get it work while also paying for it monthly. They did refund us, so for that I thank Discount Ninja and its honestly the only reason why I'm not giving it 1 star.

Since cancelling Discount Ninja, we switched back to Shopify Scripts and still continue to use Rebuy for our cart and we have had ZERO issues and our site score has gone up 10 points.

I would love for Discount Ninja to resolve these issues on their end, work a little better with apps like Rebuy, not cause our site or cart to slow down as much it did, and ultimately to be 100% working with no bugs.

Impact Dog Crates
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24. Februar 2020

The app looks fantastic, but as a small store, the prices are way too high. We don't even have a lot of traffic but the prices would be 70€ a month. The support I spoke to was of an arrogance I never experienced before. Sadly i'm going to pass this one.

4 tage mit der App
Discount Ninja hat geantwortet 25. Februar 2020

Thank you for taking the time to review our app! We're happy to hear you feel the app looks fantastic. We offer a number of price plans that allow merchants at any stage of the growth of their store to benefit from our app. We're sorry you didn't find the right fit for your store. We're confident the features of Discount Ninja help customers to differentiate from your competitors, increase conversion and boost average order value. When used correctly, the app should pay for itself.