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24 de junho de 2020

Been messaging for several weeks trying to get a bug worked out and it's still not fixed, of course they still charged me the $29 monthly fee. They really need to get their customer service in order.

Farrah Ann's Boutique
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 3 meses
Data de edição: 1 de junho de 2020

it seemed easy enough i just hope it works we'll see. i'm just looking to increase sells and traffic in general.

J&S Official
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 6 dias
Data de edição: 12 de maio de 2020

I have already deleted this plug-in, will there be any charge? after installing this plug-in, it will affect my Facebook pixel tracking. after deleting it, it will still affect me, please help me. otherwise, I will consider leaving a bad comment. what's your relation with this website. Hello, please delete all relevant codes or historical traces. Because installing this app affects the tracking and adding to cart data of Facebook pixels. If you help us solve this problem, I will delete my comments. Thank you for waiting for your reply.

Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 22 horas
19 de março de 2020

Es fácil de usar, hasta ahora la estoy probando, pero me ha parecido útil su manejo. Me gustaría que se pudieran añadir más categorías en las promociones.

Martín Pescador Co, Luxury lifestyle: Hats, Espadrilles, Swimming Shorts.
Tempo gasto no app: 3 meses
Data de edição: 16 de março de 2020

What a silly app. unlogical upsell options. Popups doesn't show up. discounts are not calculated correctly. no combination possible. don't waste your time on this app..

After the company's reply:
Yes I did ask for support. No answer here for most of my questions.

Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 8 horas
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 15 de março de 2020

Hi there, sorry to hear you were having issues with the app. This is more than likely a custom theme issue. I can see you didn't reach out for help before posting your review but I'd be more than happy to help you if you'd like click the Get Support button on this page.


4 de março de 2020

X and y, all good. I have not yet seen it in action though. I will go live with the shop within a few weeks.

Tempo gasto no app: 23 dias
Data de edição: 10 de fevereiro de 2020

i used this app to increase my order value and conversion rate.
thank you for this very gut app.

Tempo gasto no app: 7 dias
27 de janeiro de 2020

Im trying out the app. Hopefully this app will increase my sells and target new and previous customers. And for the least potential buyers.

Grand Deluxe Unlimited Shop
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 3 meses
19 de janeiro de 2020

I tested this app while it just changed my theme, I still have not changed back to my previous theme. While I still want to use this app since it is great.

Baleaf Sports
Tempo gasto no app: 5 meses
Data de edição: 17 de janeiro de 2020

**Issue was not solved by developer over direct email support, it was fixed by ourselves. Would have removed my review after fixing it but you are lying on reviews now :( **

Put a "Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/booster-common.liquid" error on my header on every page of my website that cannot be removed. I've removed the app and every file related to it and it is still there.

*I've had to search my theme.liquid file for every mention of "booster" and removed those lines manually. The error is now finally gone. The app did not even work when I had it installed. The popup would not appear after troubleshooting.*

DSG Paddles
Tempo gasto no app: 14 minutos
Booster SEO deixou uma resposta 15 de janeiro de 2020

UPDATE: Issue was fully resolved with the merchant over direct email support.

Previous Reply:

Hi there, so sorry there was an issue here 😔 This issue has been fixed, I've sent over a detailed email but am yet to hear back. Cheers, Stuart

Sorry to hear about the hassle here :( If you'd like to leave a support ticket or email me directly at, I'll get this solved for you asap. Cheers, Stuart