Discounty: Discount Countdown

Discounty: Discount Countdown


Increase the price and decrease discount in real time!

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Increase conversion rates!

It will increase the sense of urgency and conversion rates because it’s encourages the user to make a purchase right away

The price changes in real time

Discountify ensures that the price increases and the discount decreases in real time, completely automatically and with no changes in code!

Urgency like you’ve never seen

Discountify has no competition, so you’ll be among the first ones using this CR hack that your visitors aren’t familiar with yet

Over Discounty: Discount Countdown

Increase your conversion rate with a single click!

Do you want to increase your conversion rate and sell more in less time? Discounty is a revolutionary discount app that creates exceptional urgency levels and pushes the user towards an immediate purchase. Forget the classic flash sale countdowns and discover how easy it is to increase conversion rates along with your revenue.

Discounts that decrease in real time

Classic discount countdown apps work by offering a fixed discount for a set time – usually a few hours. Due to their overuse, visitors are already familiar with this sale boosting system. Discounty is a dynamic countdown timer, which means that for every time frame the discount goes down by a certain percentage. You are in control of both, how fast the discount is decreasing (every few seconds, minutes or hours) and how much it goes down for (our testing shows that 10% is the limit for best conversion rates).

Visitors see the price go up every few seconds or minutes, making them believe that, unless they hurry and order, they may miss out on some great savings. No one wants that! The app boosts conversions like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and that is a guarantee!

Incredibly simple settings

Discounty was designed to be exceptionally user friendly, even to those who are completely new to Shopify apps. There are three key things you need to set. One, the highest (starting) and the lowest (final) discounts.

Two, a step-size that represents the value for which the discount will decrease until it reaches the final discount.

Three, the time interval in which the discount decreases (for example: every 60 seconds the discount will decrease by 5%). That’s it! There are some simple settings to customize appearance as well. We’ve got your back with some Presets – preset themes.

Completely customizable

Inside Discounty there are numerous options to customize the widget appearance on your product page so it can fit perfectly with your store’s visual identity. For the most advanced users, we’ve added a Custom CSS option that allows unlimited customization.

Try it free!

To see the Discounty’s amazing effect on your webstore sales first hand, you can try it free for 5 days!

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2.7 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

App won't Save after I click 'Enable' it won't Turn ON.

Can't get Any Response from Support...

Oh So Fresh

Installed, but would not save when enabled. I'm using the debut theme. Otherwise, this looks like a great app.

married is great

Looks like a GREAT app. The features are unique and I haven't found them on any other app. But, there is a bug and it won't let me enable/save. I have contacted support but am not getting a response.