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Gravity Video Warehouse

I was a for-real 10 year customer of Doba. Something happened to Doba over the last year after the company was sold. Their category count has gone from more than 2 million items to about 1 million, they cannot seem to get their catalog to sync with the categories so you can see their inventory by category for exporting, then when I have asked them literally over 20 times to fix this they tell me it never worked that way. Really bad service, really bad inventory problems, don't waste your time anymore.

All Clothes Hawaiian

Not a fan. I installed the app, took a look around, didn't find anything I liked. They recommended scheduling a phone call. I never scheduled one or wanted one but....Low and behold, Ring Ring! Now I get to participate in a sales rep trying to hone his skills by having him explain to me that if they don't have what I need for my niche market I should start a store from a high selling item through their company. SO apparently my brick and mortar 100+ hr a week business that I'm here for every single day and my niche Hawaiian shirt business Doesn't take up enough time I should start Another store so they can sell me produces.


This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. They are more money hungry than they are will to help entrepreneurs. They double charged me for some reason they had me setup with 2 different accounts charged me $69.00 for one account and $9.95 for the other account. I tried to work with them but they are charging companies retail for their products and expecting you to turn a profit. I was emailing them about a problem I was having and they just ignored me. i called their customer support line like 20 times , always busy. This is a horrible company and honestly will make your company look horrible, and when it comes down to helping someone or a dollar they choose the dollar everytime they obviously care nothing for their reputation other wise they would treat people a little better. I honestly wish I could give -5 stars


Never try that shi.. The worst experience ever I got with a app, I don't even know why that shi.. still in the Shopify store, they should be ban something so terrible. Please Doba stop


Too expensive monthly subscription, too complicated to import to Shopify, and too many restrictions on pricing from dropshippers. Dropshipper's prices are MUCH more expensive than what is available from other stores online, making it pointless to try to do business here. Also, product availability is changing too frequently, and the product descriptions for products are very poor. Just don't waste your time with this. Not convenient or useful in any way. Just a big headache.

Super Spouse

My doba app and webpage just sends me directly to a webpage called "simple source" and never lets me log in. They took money out of my bank account today. Wildly frustrating. Please refund me my money.


DOBA has amazing products; perfect fit for my store. Really looking forward to a very long relationship with DOBA.

The Trails End Boutique

I am new to this app and am still learning the ropes. I do like the products that I cannot get from what was with my Shopify program. In addition it might be good to get some North American suppliers, because their shipping methods are better. Sometimes the other supplier from Asia their process of shipping is slow or costly. Which is too bad because they too have a great product line. It would be nice to see Doba have more products you can add, it would give it a competitive edge. I'm still learning how to merge the products into my Shopify store. Oh the benefit of having Doba is you can put quite a few products into your store more than what you are limited to if you used the competitor. I have over 800 products in my store.

R L Merchandise

I am giving them 4 stars at the moment, because I installed the app yesterday. I am basing the 4 stars on: 1. I found many items on Doba that I already had in my store, and the Doba price was LOWER. Yes, they are higher on some things, but having an online store isn't easy, so you take it where you can get it. 2. I have the $9.99 app, not sure if that means I will also be charged for the $29.99 plan, but I would think not, because I receive nothing with 1 that I wouldn't get with the other, so the lowest price should be what I am charged..when in doubt the Consumer comes out ahead right? Anyway, I have the lowest plan, which doesn't include a Shopify formatted CSV, and it only took me about 20 minutes to figure out which Doba CSV column coincides with the Shopify import format. Then I created a VBA to automatically parse my next Doba download right into a Shopify formatted CSV. The VBA took about an hour, but from now on my Doba CSVs will become Shopify CSVs in about 10 seconds (unless I'm parsing THOUSANDS of rows, then it can take a minute) 3. I just received an email from Doma telling me which items in my personal inventory list have changed, based on my notification criteria. So now I know I do not need to re-upload 1,000 items, I only need to upload changes to 14 items, due to changes in price, stock quantity, or being discontinued. Like I said, I started using Doba yesterday, but I think it is as good, or better than many of my other suppliers. I isn't as good as some of them also, but that's business right? And no, my VBA isn't for sale :)

Beachin Home Decor

They have a wide selection of great products and the app is easy to use.
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