Donate Source ‑ Donation

Donate Source ‑ Donation

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Integrate a seamless donation source right in your store

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Seamless Integration

Effortlessly add a donation source on your store’s product and cart page. 

Customized Donation Amounts

Tailor donation widgets based on your store’s requirements.  

Enhance Customer Experience

Send customers an automated receipt of their donations according to a pre-set template. 

Om Donate Source ‑ Donation

Simplified Donation Collection | Automated Receipts | Help Non-Profit Charities

The Donate Source app adds a donation option on your Shopify store that allows your customers to fund nonprofits organizations.

You can spread awareness about important issues and encourage your customers to make the world a better place. 

What’s more? You can collect the donation amount right in your Shopify store without having to partner with third-party payment providers.  

Why Use the Donate Source – Donation App? 

The app offers three different designs or styles to display the charity options on your store’s page.

  • Dropdown  
  • Tabs  
  • Text Box 

Add default donation amounts (like $5, $10, or $20) in the dropdown and tabs format. This allows your customer to click on a particular amount and proceed to payment.  

While the text box option allows your customers to type in their donation amount, you can also add a custom price donation option in the dropdown and tabs format.  

Once the donation is made, a customizable ‘thank you’ message will pop up on the customers’ screen. Of course, you can also disable this option with ease from the app’s settings. 

Manage Your Donations 

The app gives you access to manage all your donations in a streamlined way. Add single or multiple donation options and easily edit them in the app’s settings.

You can also choose the page on which the customer can view the donation options (like the product page or the cart page, or both).  

Donation Receipts

Automate the response process with donation receipts that are sent to the customer’s e-mail. First, customize the e-mail template by giving your own e-mail subject and choose from a variety of labels and snippets provided (like customer name, date, donation amount, etc.). 

You can also add your e-mail ID in the template’s CC. This way, you get to keep a copy of the receipt as well.  

Real-Time Analytics 

With real-time analytics and graphical charts, track and check donation reports for every charitable cause with a yearly filter.  

Also, keep track of the latest donation orders along with their donation product numbers on the app’s settings.

Feature Highlights 

  • Add single/multiple donations on the product and cart pages
  • Collect the donation amounts on your store without any third-party intervention
  • Customize donation widgets and add a custom price donation option
  • Automatically send customized donation receipts to the customers once the donation is made
  • Track various donations in the app
  • A customizable ‘thank you’ message will pop up on the customers’ screen after adding a donation to the cart.

Need some more assistance?

Hit the ‘Get Support’ button to get in touch with us. 



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Basic Plan


  • Single Donation
  • Fully Customizable
  • Custom Image for Donation
  • Available on Product & Cart Page
  • Donation email Receipt
  • Reports

Pro Plan


  • Multiple Donations
  • Fully Customizable
  • Custom Image for Donation
  • Available on Product & Cart Page
  • Donation email Receipt
  • Reports



  • Free for Test stores & Trial Plan Stores
  • Includes all features of Basic Plan

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